Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Black Hair Care

Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Black Hair Care

Published November 7, 2007

There’s a self-funded documentary causing some buzz online. The documentary, “Black Hair,” is by a white filmmaker named Aron Ranen. His eye-opening investigation claims that Koreans have come to control virtually every aspect of the multi-billion dollar, Black hair care industry, from manufacturing to distribution to retail sales, while simultaneously employing tactics to put African-American merchants and wholesalers out of business.

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Do Koreans control the Black hair care market? It’s definitely an interesting topic.

It's evident, Black people as a whole do not have a stronghold on the Black hair care market, but there are many Black entrepreneurs who have found economic success within it. Carol’s Daughter and the Bronner Brothers are just two examples. In fact, there’s been a long history of entrepreneurship among Black women, in particular Madame CJ Walker. What happened between then and now?

For Aron's take on how Koreans cornered the market on African American beauty supplies, check out his Black hair care documentary at

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