Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Return to Your Roots

Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Return to Your Roots

Published November 9, 2007

Posted Nov. 9, 2007 -- Every year more and more women are freeing themselves from the bondage of relaxers by going natural. The hardest part about making this decision is knowing what styles to wear as the new growth comes in and slowly takes over. There are several hair style options that can make this transition period smooth and keep you looking great in the process.

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Crop it – Cutting your hair down to the textured new growth is a great option if you’re not afraid to wear your hair close. The benefit to chopping off the relaxed ends is that you won’t have the fragile processed hair to nurture. You can start fresh with your new coils.

Curly Q – Roller setting your hair gives it volume that will help hide those bulky roots. Try a straw set or a flexi rod set. They both offer a tight spiral that will blend with your hair’s natural curl.

Press it Out – To enjoy the same styles you wore with your relaxed hair, use a straightening comb to press the roots so that they blend with the relaxed hair.  The downside to pressing is that moisture will cause the straightened roots to revert back to its natural state.

Extensions - Hide your new growth by braiding it into a style using additional hair. Or braid your hair and weave in extensions. Each option offers a variety of looks. Best of all, both of these styles allow you to tuck away your hair and forget about it for a while.

Fake it – Make your hair resemble its natural texture. Simply cornrow or twist the hair, let it dry and separate with your fingers. You’ll be left with crinkly locks that will look just like natures best.

Once the natural roots have reached a length that you are comfortable with, be prepared to cut the remaining relaxed hair off. Remember natural hair still needs TLC. Leaving behind the relaxers does not mean you can leave behind the conditioning treatments, oil moisturizers and trims.

Whether you plan to lock it or wear a ‘fro – be natural and free.

Written by BET-Staff


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