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Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Nail Talk

Published November 13, 2007

Posted Nov. 13, 2007 -- If you’re anything like me your fingernails often get neglected. After spending time, money and energy on hair and make-up, it’s easy to sacrifice your nail maintenance. Believe it or not, whether you’re a fanatic about visiting the nail salon or you’re fine sporting unpolished nubs, your nails say a lot about you.

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Want to know what your nails are saying to the world? Let’s examine nail color, since it’s usually the first thing that people notice about a woman’s fingernails. Know what message your color selections are sending…

• Black or really dark nails say that you’re mysterious and you have two sides to your personality. Red says the obvious, you’re confident and ambitious. If you’re pretty in pink, chances are you’re a princess and you’re not giving up your crown. If clear works best in your world, you’ve got better things to do than touch up your polish every other day. 

• All of my ladies that love to rock the colorfully designed tips are screaming to the world that you move to the beat of your own drum. If you’re wearing these multicolored masterpieces, you don’t play by the rules and your wild side is loved by all that know you.

• French manicures are really popular because they go with everything and they never go out of style. Those that wear this white tipped style are conservative and loyal. Hey, somebody has to be responsible.

• Nude nubs allow you to be ready for whatever comes your way. Ladies that prefer no polish with very little length are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Bare nails may not be as interesting as the rainbow of options out there, but bare definitely beats chipped and tattered.

Don’t hide your hands; take time to maintain nails that speak to who you are.   

Written by BET-Staff


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