Lifestyle | Style | Beauty: Hair Says A Lot

Lifestyle | Style | Beauty: Hair Says A Lot

Published November 15, 2007

Posted Aug. 14, 2007 -- It’s a bold choice for the woman on the go. Bobs with bangs or no-bangs, side or straight parts, sleek or curly, angled or straight, ear length or long – the bob style haircut is endless. So, how will you ever decide which bob works best for you? Ask yourself what you want you hair to say. (Yes, hair talks!) Pop-princess Rihanna asked herself the same question, and the asymmetrical bob was the perfect choice for her new “Good Girl Gone Bad” image. It says, “I’m so sassy and so sleek, you can’t help but to look at me.” Check out the below bob-tastic styles and consider what they convey (or say!), before you do the do.

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STYLE: The jaw-length bob is a very popular style. It’s not too short or too long, but just right for the indecisive woman who may want to grow their hair out again.  This is the way to go if you’re not sure whether you are ready for really short hair or not. TIP: A neat trick for the scaredy-cat. Part your hair and let the front half hang low and pull the back into a ponytail. Fake the funk by combing down the front tresses of your hair, and framing your face.

Jaw-length bob SAYS: “I’m the sh*t and you know it. I still have length for my man to run his fingers through and it’s a completely sophisticated look. ”

STYLE: An asymmetrical bob can be very stylish and is very different compared to the classic straight bob. Layers will give the bob more volume and tapered ends will make the hair look softer. Go for it if you dare! Without a doubt, you’ll get showered with many positive reactions.

Asymmetrical bob SAYS: “I will totally upgrade you from cute to cutie-pie-with-sex appeal. I have the best of both worlds. There’s just enough to still flip my ends and I look like a Vogue runway model.”

STYLE: A short sleek, single-length bob will accentuate pretty facial features. Precisely cut, chin-length sides with shorter under layers will make the ends go under on their own and frame the face nicely.

Short, single-length bob SAYS: “I’m so cool. I’m more than an accessory than a hairdo. I play up the best your face has to offer. Plus, I’m easy to maintain and care-free.”

STYLE: Short nose-length bobs (just below the earlobe) can look stunning with long
blunt cut bangs, cut just above the eyebrows. Although this bob haircut is
quite short, there is a lot of natural movement of the hair. Cut it to ear-length for an extra sweet effect. TIP: This style can have two great looks. You can wear it sleek and sophisticated one day and all scrunched up and messy the next.

Short, nose-length bob SAYS: “I look absolutely adorable, but don’t mistake that for young. I’m cute in a flirtatious way, grown and undeniably sexy.”

Written by BET-Staff


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