Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Pose for the Camera

Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Pose for the Camera

Published December 10, 2007

Posted Dec. 10, 2007 - Strike a pose! Now look fierce! Now give me awkward, but sexy! These commands are pretty intimidating, but for top models and celebrities it’s the inspiration they use to deliver flawless photographs. They walk the red carpet and are able to stop on a dime, landing precisely in the most flattering position possible. Why? Because they know the secrets to picture perfect posing. Yes, there is more to a flawless flick then just smiling for the camera.

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Work Those Hips
Shout out to my girl Beyonce! She has posing down to a meticulous science. With ease she crosses her legs, elongates her body, looks straight at the camera and whalah … Beautiful B. does it again! Just cross one foot in front of the other to exaggerate your curvaceous body. I call it the Coca-Cola bottle stance!

Gut Buster
No one is exempt from the cardinal rule of sucking “it” in! Regardless of size or weight this technique works and it’s worth the small bit of oxygen you deprive your brain for five seconds. Also, stay away from flaunting your side view unless you’re toting wash board abs. A full frontal stance will allow your pouch to blend in and not take center stage.

Lose 10 Pounds Instantly
When you stand taller you look thinner, hence the 4” stiletto was created. After stepping into a fabulous freak'em pump, reach for the sky. By this I mean, fight gravity and literally stretch upward. Lengthen your torso, shoulders back and chin up because hunching instantly adds pounds. Despite how tall Kimora Lee already is, she still rocks her 5” heels. Fabulousity!

Work an Unexpected Angle 
Paris Hilton’s head tilt is infamous. She knows what angle works for her and she uses it. Rhianna has taken several over the shoulder shots that are killer! And it’s okay to not look directly at the camera, try looking away to add a little flavor.

Say Cheese
Ever held your smile until your face quivered? For a natural smile think of something funny or happy and chuckle. Leave out the sound effects of course and you will have a more natural result. Gabrielle Union has this one down packed! 

Stop cringing when a camera is pointed your way. Memorize, practice and execute these top secret celebrity posing tips, and you'll create memories that you don’t mind sharing.


Written by BET-Staff


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