Lifestyle | Style: Fashion: 20 Things to Pack in Your Purse

Lifestyle | Style: Fashion: 20 Things to Pack in Your Purse

Published December 10, 2007

Posted Dec. 10, 2007 - If you’ve yet to find yourself a great deal on a huge handbag, you’re behind! What’s the hold up? Instead of looking like a bag lady with multiple totes, get one single purse that can carry your entire load.

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The oversize bag really does hold everything. They’re as roomy as a tote, as stylish as a pocketbook and just as trendy as it is practical. The bigger the better, and there’s a ton of great deals, so no excuses. Once you’ve found the style that best suits you, it’s time to start the transfer of goods from the old to the new.

Along with your license, credit cards, bank card and keys, here are the top 20 essentials to pack in your purse.

1. Cell phone – The most important people in your life are just a speed dial away.

2. Tinted lip gloss – Keep your lips poppin’ with a tube or tin of lip balm. And, if you’re a makeup-everyday kind of girl, find yourself a cool makeup bag to hold whatever you need for touchups.

3. Breath freshener – Whether it’s gum, mints or a travel-size bottle of mouthwash, you never want to be accused of having halitosis.

4. Cash ($40) – You’ve probably already had to learn this lesson, but it’s worth repeating. Always carry enough money to cover a small emergency, like a taxi ride home if you need to ditch your lousy dinner date.

5. Antibacterial gel – With flu and cold season upon us, don’t leave home without it.

6. Smell goods – Because a woman should always smell like a woman, take advantage of those small tubes of perfume and lotion left on beauty counters at the mall.

7. Tampons – But don’t just haphazardly throw them in your bag! Store them in a funky carrying case, and even if you don’t need them, your girlfriend might.

8. Pen – You never know when you may want to jot something down, like your number. Sometimes slipping him a piece of paper works better than pulling out your cell phone.

9. Advil – Whatever your drug of choice, keep a sample pack with you. Who wants to sit through a two-hour meeting with a splitting headache or hangover?

10. Ponytail holder and/or hair pins – It’s the next best thing to water after 10 songs and five drinks on the dance floor.

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11. Stain remover – So important, even if you’re not the clumsy one, because one day a co-worker’s new blouse will need saving. The Tide To Go Pens are excellent.

12. Mirror – Either a compact or pocket mirror for quick checkups on hair, teeth and that unpleasant pimple.

13. Tissues – For any unwanted things in your nose or to blot away shine from your face.

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14. iPod – It only takes one great song to change the mood.

15. Sunglasses – Eye protection is important and very fashionable.

16. Clutch – Got a dinner date? Slim things down with a cute clutch.

17. Pumps – Dinner and dancing? Upgrade your look with hot heels.

18. Compact umbrella – If Mother Nature is anything, it’s unpredictable.

19. Business cards – Please don’t be afraid to do a shameless plug.

20. Camera - Because you can never have enough pictures on MySpace!

Now you’ll be prepared for anything. It’s truly handy to be able to carry your life with you.

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