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Published December 12, 2007

Posted Jan. 16, 2007 -- “A lot of people underestimated us,” explains Diamond. People didn’t think that Crime Mob would really make it.” Well, they did, and then some, while serving up a well deserved “I told you so,” to all the haters.

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Their long-awaited sophomore album, appropriately titled Hated On Mostly, features the thunderous style crunk fans love, but it also shows some maturity with a few crunk ‘n B tunes for you to rock yo hips to.

If you’re waiting on Crime Mob’s downfall, don’t hold your breath.


Diamond: It’s a good thing being in a group with guys and girls. Most females come to see the males, and the guys love us, so there’s an advantage. And they’re like our big brothers. If we’re in the studio recording, and we’re not coming with it, they’ll let us know to come harder. You feel me?

Princess: They do help us out a lot. We’re like competing in a good way to get recognition with them and get on their level. Plus, we give the female point of view, too.


One word to describe the guys of Crime Mob…

Cyco Black
Princess: Mysterious. You never know what he’s going to do. Different days bring another Cyco.

Lil J
Diamond: Observant. He’s the type of person who will walk into a room and not really say anything. He speaks, but he’ll watch his surroundings first, while we’ll just come in a room and say, “How you doin’? What’s up?” He sits back first, and then speaks.

Princess: Digital. It’s an inside word for us. It means X-rated, out-of-control…. You never know what’s going to happen. The boys use it when they’re with the ladies on the road. Detroit goes digital! (Laughs) Shout out to the boys!


Diamond: By us being young and female, we have two strikes against us. We’re in a male- dominated game, and we’re young, so we have to come with it. We get overlooked because we young, but it’s a beautiful thing to be young and living our life.

Princess: Our friends talk to us different. They think we’re different people, but I’m still me. Princess is just my alter-ego. If you don’t separate the two, you’re going to believe the other person, and that’s when the diva comes out of you. I get frustrated by that a lot, but I try to avoid it.

Diamond: There’s an up and downside. People who know me treat me the same. I don’t like to be treated like I’m better than any other female. People who don’t know me make it hard sometimes. If I’m shopping, they want to take pictures, or while we’re eating, they want an autograph…, and I appreciate it, but sometimes you just want to relax and kick it.

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Princess: It was like a hobby to begin with, because a lot of people in high school used to rap and, in a way, I didn’t see what was so different about us. But we started to be different from other groups, and we were doing more shows. Then, once we signed a deal, I knew it was gong to change, but not so fast.

Diamond: You do stuff with good intentions, but you never really know it’s going to happen. For example, like college. Your intention is to finish high school and go to college. But this kind of snuck up on us. Be careful what you ask for.

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Diamond: I can’t live without getting my hair done. I can’t live without getting a facial. I like my face to have a glow. I can’t live without a fresh pair of kicks on my feet…. I hate to see dirty shoes. I’m on Tims and J’s right now.

I can’t live without getting clothes. I love Miskeen jeans. They’re discontinued, but I still have some. Besides Miskeen, I like Seven jeans. They make my butt look big. And I can’t live without money, because I can’t do any of that without it.

Princess: I’m answering your question, but I want y’all to know we’re not materialistic.

I can’t live without a one-hour deep tissue massage every Monday and Saturday, a manicure, pedicure, of course, and money. Gotta pay your bills, gotta survive. I can’t live without nice clothes and shoes. I like True Religions, Sevens and Rock Republic jeans. I like Baby Phat shoes right now. Shout out to Kimora Lee. She is stepping it up. And I can’t live without Busy Bee’s. Shout out to Busy Bee’s, the best soul food in America.

See more of Diamond and Princess on and find out how you can join the Crime Mob mobile fan club. Also, be on the lookout for their new mixtape, “Mobish,” with DJ Scream, and be sure to cop the sophomore album, “Hated On Mostly,” in stores March 27.

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