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Published December 12, 2007

Posted Sept. 28, 2007 - Don’t leave anything important behind, like your cell phone and charger. Every successful vacation starts on the phone, planning with friends on where to go, what to see and whom to bring. This trip, the fellas stay at home. It’s about time for the ladies to bond, beautify and behave badly. You checked out the top destinations for all-girl getaways, now here’s the top five items to pack.

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1. The single, most important item to pack is your swimsuit. Let go of all your inhibitions and show off your sexiest bikini. It’s the perfect time to flaunt your fanny and let your hair down, since the men will be at home. Dipping in the pool requires more than a bikini and a towel. Pack a sarong and cool sunglasses; the perfect accessories for walking, talking and shopping along the beach.  And don’t forget your head scarves, flatirons and oversized beach hat, since we all know the first excuse to avoid the water is our hair.

2. Too many shoes can be a disaster. You’re on vacation and don’t want to waste any time sorting through flip-flops, sandals and sneakers for the right footwear. Keep it sexy. Keep it simple. Find a pair of natural brown or white wedges – they’re cute, easy on the feet and will work from day to night. You’ll also need a flat shoe or two. I suggest a thong sandal with little detail for those days you spend basking by the pool or lounging at the neighborhood pub. If you’re lucky, you share the same shoe size with one of your girls and will have the pleasure of swapping sandal selections.

3. Keep the party going while you’re changing out of your swimsuit and into your sundress, with your very own iPod deck and CD collection. Girls just wanna have fun, right? It’s like a slumber party for grownups. This time, forget the PJ’s! There won’t be any party poopers on this trip. Instead, save room for plastic, wine glasses and champagne bottle openers and cheers to good friends and no responsibilities.

4. Don’t leave home without it. A digital camera is a must-have. Don’t rely on your girl’s; bring your own and take as many pictures as your memory card can hold. Play paparazzi and strike a pose in every outfit. Take group pictures too, with the help from the good-looking gentleman you see every morning in your hotel lobby. Be cheesy, have fun, and laugh about all the eventful moments caught on camera!

5. If you plan on chatting someone up, don’t let language barriers stop you. Keep a pocket-size foreign-language dictionary or phrase book close by, and be adventurous when instigating a conversation with the very cute French lad. It’s a fun way to learn a sexy language and it’s a guaranteed good laugh. Don't be shy to have a little innocent flirting.

Now it's time to take a real vacation with your favorite ladies. You go, girls!


Written by BET-Staff


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