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Published December 12, 2007

Posted Dec. 6, 2007 -- It’s that time of year. You’ll be invited to dinner gatherings, cocktail parties and holiday feasts. This season plan to get a gift for the host, particularly, if the host is someone like your boss, a distant friend, or in-laws you’ve never met. Take a minute to show your appreciation especially when everything is provided by the host.

Keep It Simple

Traditional gifts never get old and are always appreciated. Try bringing the host a seasonal flower or plant to liven up their decor. Poinsettias are the perfect holiday plant to give this season. The fragrant buds will bring lots of joy, days after the party’s over.

A bottle of wine or champagne is a good choice as long as the host isn’t a recovering addict. Find that out before hand! Even if they can’t enjoy it, chances are some of their guests can. An appropriate twist would be to bring a sparkling beverage such as apple cider. And don’t forget the ever popular dessert option. Cakes, cookies and pies are always a hit among hosts and guests alike. You can never have enough sweet treats!

Think Outside the Box

Get creative and bring something unexpected for the gracious host. Purchase an inexpensive basket and fill it with fruit. A fruit basket is a practical and healthy gift that won’t go to waste. Or, how about scented candles or potpourri, everyone likes a house that smells good. The key is to get something that you know the host will appreciate and use. Even bottled waters make a great hostess gift. Put a bow on top and I guarantee they’ll be welcomed and used. Good old H2O!

Picking up a small token of thanks for the host before arriving will definitely assure that you’ll be invited back.

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