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Published December 12, 2007

Updated Dec. 10, 2007 - The fight, Dec. 8, 2007 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, was rightly named “Undefeated” as boxing fans witnessed two undefeated welterweights go toe-to-toe.

Floyd Mayweather (39-0) put down a beating against welterweight contender Ricky Hatton, out-boxing the former junior welterweight champion before flattening him with a series of combinations that ended Hatton's undefeated record.

“Skills pay the bills,” Mayweather boasts. “I don’t study fighters. This is what I do. I know what it takes to fight an A-class fighter. He’s never been here before,” he says.

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In one of the most anticipated match-ups of undefeated champions - two men with two different boxing styles from two different backgrounds, came together with one goal in mind: to stay undefeated and earn the right to be called the best. caught up with "Pretty Boy" Floyd before his victory on Saturday.

Your so-called retirement, was that a publicity stunt?

No, I accomplished everything I needed to accomplish in this sport. I am the best. Ask anybody who’s the number one fighter in the world.

OK, so why not leave the sport on top? Why return and risk a defeat?

I don’t really look at records. Records don’t matter. My fans know what I’m capable of. I know what I’m capable of. I know what I can do.

I think money talks.

(Laughs) It was an unbelievable business proposition and smart business decision. But, it’s not about the money. Everybody knows I got money. I’m not in boxing because I have to be, I’m in boxing because I want to be.

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Your last fight against Oscar De La Hoya, you earned about $35 million for the fight. You’re rich.

This sport has not only made me rich, it’s made me filthy rich. It goes to show you the power my team has to go out and get that kind of money. I know what it takes. Everybody knows I’m the million dollar man. You know what I gross.

What does it take?

Skills and a great team… I have both.

This is a big fight. What’s going through your mind?

I’m going to do my thing; just be the same ol’ Floyd. I put in a lot of hard work. I have a great team.

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How would you rate yourself among your peers?

I am the best. Ask anybody who’s number one. They don’t like when I talk like this.

They think you’re cocky.

I do me. It’s never good enough. You know, as long as my children are happy, my mom is happy and my team is happy, I’m happy.

They think you’re flashy.

I’m flashy, I’m flamboyant but that doesn’t define me. I entertain the fans just like any other entertainer. I’m truly blessed. I’m just glad I’m in a position to give back to my community, empower my own people.

You entertained the crowd on “Dancing With The Stars.” What was that like?

That was great. It’s a major show and it raised my profile and my celebrity status. It also gave me an opportunity to challenge myself and do something different. I gave young kids a different outlook on something, to think outside the box.

You lost big time on the dance floor. What can we expect Saturday inside the ring?

I’m ready to whoop this boy’s behind. There’s no such thing in losing inside the ring. I’ll come out victorious. I’m a winner. The rest is history.

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