Getaways for Couples - What to Bring for a Romantic Time

Getaways for Couples - What to Bring for a Romantic Time

Published December 13, 2007

Posted Dec. 10, 2007 -- That’s the beauty of a getaway. You get away, whether it’s around the corner or around the world, from day-to-day responsibilities. It’s truly a refreshing change of pace and space, and just a lot of uninterrupted time to rekindle the spark. But best of all, there’s a housekeeper to make the bed and clean up after you, no kids to supervise, no meals to cook and a Jacuzzi at your disposal. Sounds like paradise.

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So, where do you begin? Dust the cobwebs off your luggage, and get packin’! Along with the handcuffs and feather boa, don’t forget these five essentials: 

1. Seriously! Every romantic getaway needs some kinky stuff, so the better your planning, the better and more delightful your romantic getaway will be. Romance doesn’t simply happen on its own, so grab the good stuff. Ladies, that means the slutty dress your man bought for you that’s hidden far away in the back corner of your closet and something seductive to slip into after dinner. Fellas, that means surprise your lady and buy her another slutty dress she’ll detest and something seductive for her to slip into after dinner. Next, setting the mood. That includes candles, incense, soothing oils, bath gels and mood music (iPod and iPod speaker). Plus, get your money’s worth and let the hotel receptionists know you’re on a romantic getaway. You’ll be surprised at the number of freebies you’ll get.

2. If you decide to get out of bed, enjoy the afternoon rollerblading or bicycling. A casual workout is always good for the heart, and it’s something different for you and your beau to enjoy together. Key word – “together.” So, whatever your favorite activity, be sure to pack what you need (sneaks and comfy clothes included) or you can spend some extra cash and rent the equipment. And since most of you are likely to turn up your nose at the idea, pack a deck of cards for Plan B or turn the bathtub into a romantic getaway for two.

3. Bringing sand to the beach? If that’s the case, you’ll need a beach blanket to sit on while you two people-watch. Spend a full afternoon, evening, night, until morning – and then repeat the same routine again – sitting, snacking, drinking and observing everyone who walks by. Pack his or her favorite snacks, and don’t forget the picnic basket.

4. Make it a movie night. Sure there’s a movie you planned to see in the theater, but missed. Carry a few flix, a bag of popcorn, and plop yourselves in front of the TV. Cuddle up in the comforter, open the curtains for a beautiful view of the night sky; then order up a two martinis. There’s just one thing left to do – turn out the lights.

5. Don’t let the weekend’s romantic memories fade into yesterday. To help keep a record of the journey, tuck a camera and travel notebook into your suitcase. A notebook is a great keepsake to hold mementos of your love fest – plenty of pictures, concert stubs, gift receipts, hotel matchbook – you get the picture.

Now, it looks like you’re ready to go. Your stay should flow something like this: breakfast in bed (room service of course), a morning walk to see the surroundings, a picnic on the beach, some sort of leisure activity, a late afternoon nap and a romantic dinner under the stars. Ahhhhhhhh!

Written by BET-Staff


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