Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: 5 Things that Make Men Attractive

Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: 5 Things that Make Men Attractive

Published December 17, 2007

Posted Dec. 17, 2007 -- Want to know why industry’s hottest men never cool down? Jamie Fox, Jay-Z, Will Smith and Common are just a few of the studs that intrigue us. It’s no secret what they each have going for them … and no, it’s not their money. It’s those simple things that women notice, love and admire.

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A smile says a million words. It’s so inviting when a man has a beautiful smile and is not afraid to show it. Mean mugging is so played out! You can still be masculine while flashing the pearly whites, fellas. Will Smith has a smile that seems to light up a room and the box office. When you smile be genuine and try over-the-counter whitening strips. They really work!

Today’s man has as many fashion options as women do. When it comes to style, just do you! Common has a sense of style that reflects his hip-hop, positive personality. Whether you’re wearing Diesel jeans and spanking new sneaks, or a tailored Hugo Boss Suit, own it. Put some thought into what you wear and don’t just rock what’s trendy.  Finish your style statement with a nice watch, a ring or even an ear piece. Guys accessorize too.

A guy with confidence has the “it” factor that captivates both men and women, young and old. Confidence, often referred to as “swagger,” only comes from feeling good about your self. You have to love Jay-Z’s swagger! A confident man says, “I know who I am and I am proud of it”, without saying a word. 

A man with a good heart is as easy to spot as one with style. Just watch how he responds to others and how others respond to him. How attractive is it to know that under that hard exterior, a man is sensitive, considerate and caring. Shout-out to all the guys that love their mama and give back to the community.

Well Groomed
Don’t take longer than your lady to get ready, but do take time for grooming. When it comes to hair, keep the locks and braids neat and clean at all times. It doesn’t take long for these styles to look tattered and unkept. Take it from Jamie Fox, if you have a regular hair cut, a fresh “shape up” or edging goes a long way. The same goes for facial hair. Ladies want to kiss your lips, not your over-grown mustache. And fellas, your nails don’t have to be perfect, but keep them dirt free. Lastly, but most importantly, everyone loves a man that smells good.

Don’t break the laws of attraction!

Written by BET-Staff


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