Men's Holiday Grooming Guide - Razor Bumps? We Don't Play That

Men's Holiday Grooming Guide - Razor Bumps? We Don't Play That

Published December 17, 2007

Posted Dec. 6, 2007 -- Read on for Bump Patrol's grooming tips for a holiday of smooth moves. 

1. The best time to shave: In the morning during or after a shower to give the beard and skin a chance to warm and hydrate.

a. Mornings are best, because the body and face have had a night of rest.  However, don’t shave the very first thing in the morning, since the face needs to stretch.
b. If you shave in the shower, use a fog free mirror.  About three to four minutes of moisture and steam will soften a beard and elasticize the skin.

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2. Always shave with the grain of your beard.  Watch out around the Adam’s apple, where the direction typically changes from down to up.  Finish with a wet razor and a side stroke across each cheek.

3. Don’t make too many passes across skin, since it may lead to irritation. A good shave could take as little as three minutes.

4. Shave with a light to medium stroke and let the blades do the work. Pressing them hard against the skin does not increase the closeness; it only raises the level of irritation.

5. Give your beard a pre-season once-over for ingrown hairs.

a. Remove ingrown hairs with clean tweezers and then dab on Extra Strength Bump Patrol Treatment at each spot to immediately start the healing process.
b. Tweeze at night before you go to bed to allow healing time to go unnoticed.

6. Best razor to use:  Multiple blade razors

a. Warm the blades under hot water for a smoother, faster shave that’ll glide through the lather.
b. Bump Patrol’s Will Williams’ personal favorite way to shave:
In the shower, fog-free mirror, badger brush, multi-blade razor, and Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel in the tube.  Squeeze out three or four drops onto a wet warm brush and lather the face well.  The brush gives the extra advantage of a light massage, standing the hairs up, surrounding them with lather. 

7. Other shaving options:

a. Electric razors - There are two types of electric razors and two kinds.  The two types are rotary and foil.  The two kinds are dry and wet/dry.  No matter which one you use, expect similar results in closeness to a multi-blade razor. 

Expert advice:  
- Shave daily.
- Keep the razor moving in a circular motion.
- Shave trouble spots first.  If you have a tendency to become irritated on the neck around the Adam’s apple, shave that area first before the shaver blades get warm.  Tender areas will react negatively to heat. 
- If you shave your head only with an electric razor, start at the nape of the neck first, then shave the head.  If you’re shaving the face and the head, then shave the tender areas on the face, proceed to the nape of the neck, then finish the face and the head.
- Keep rotary heads or foils clean and lubricated. Change the razor every 9-12 months.

b.   Clipper shavers

Expert advice:
- Keep blades clean and lubricated.  
- Be careful of shaving angles so as not to scratch or cut the skin. 
- Start in the problem areas first, like the bend of the neck (at the Adam’s apple) or at the nape at the back of the head.
- Splash your face or head with lukewarm water, then pat skin dry.  Wait a couple minutes, then shave using a gentle upstroke on the cheek and the jowl.  Use a cross stroke to finish.

8. Keep your face free from excess oils and dirt by washing it at least twice a day, morning and night.  Do it again after a work out.  Change the pillowcase weekly.

9. Test your smooth shave by swiping a cotton ball against the grain to see if the beard catches any fibers.

10. You never know where mistletoe might be, so shave each day as if mistletoe were hang in each and every doorway.

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Written by BET-Staff


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