Why Take The Test?

Why Take The Test?

Published December 18, 2007

The HIV test isn't what it used to be; it's better.

If you're sexually active and haven't been tested, there are two things you should know:

  • HIV is no longer a death sentence. Thanks to new medications, many people with HIV can live their natural lifespan without developing AIDS.
  • At many places you can get tested anonymously, so that noobody – not ot your parents, siblings, friends, or teachers – will find out about the test. Thanks to new tests, you won't even have to suffer a needle jab.

Two-plus decades of HIV and AIDS research has proven that the earlier HIV is diagnosed, the better the prognosis and likelihood of a long, productive life. And the best way to find out whether you are HIV positive or negative and don't have the disease is to take an HIV test.

Not convince? Here are five of th top reasons why you should take the test. 

  1. Early intervention means a healthier life
    The key to living a healthy life with HIV is being diagnosed early. Getting into the care of an HIV specialist is an essential part of staying healthy. Get tested and if you are positive, find an HIV specialist. This feature will help..
  2. Knowing your status protects you both
    Knowing your status allows you to protect your partner as well as yourself. Even if you are both positive, safer sex techniques are a must..
  3. Knowing your status allows you to make informed decisions
    Knowing your status allows you to make informed decisions regarding your future and your life. Women living with HIV can have the family they always wanted. Knowing you are HIV positive allows you to take steps to protect your unborn baby. This feature explains what you need to know before starting a family.
  4. Now you can ask the right questions
    Knowing your body is an important part of living a healthy life. Get tested for HIV and if you are positive ask the right questions. Here are a few.
  5. Know your status...get the most from your doctor visits
    When you're not feeling well, your doctor will be better able to treat you if he has all the \facts. If he knows your status, he can address the special needs your HIV demands. And it's up to you to get the most of your doctor visits. Here is a guide to making each doctor visit count.

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