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Published January 10, 2008

Posted Jan. 8, 2008 -- The St. Louis rapper knows how to please his female fans.

In 2003, the summer smash was a love ballad, “One Call Away,” and in 2006, “Pullin’ Me Back” was at the tip of our tongues as we drooled over the Hoodstar hit. This year, Chingy reunited with Disturbing Tha Peace for his fourth solo project, Hate It Or Love It, releasing his first single with Amerie, “Fly Like Me.” And again, he has our jaws dropping and hips swinging.

But Chingy’s not surprised. “I know women are a big part of this music industry, so you have to cater to women,” he says with confidence. 

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So, you think you know what women like?

I have the ladies. It’s never been a problem with the ladies. [Laughs]

Never!? You were the man before Ching-a-Ling?

It’s better now, but I did my thing.

You did your thing on “Fly Like Me.” I love that song.

Thank you. It’s a fun record, it’s really talkin’ about how I traveled the world, been a lot of places, seen a lot of women, but it’s this one woman that really attracts me, that’s got me head over heels for her, and one day she’s gonna possibly end up being my wife.

Are St. Louis girls your type?

There are some nice ones, but a lot of them act stuck-up for no reason. They try to do too much or try to act high-sidity and they’re not. They’re weird, but some are cool.

Then, where are the good girls?

ATL has nice women with good heads on their shoulders. If you’re looking for a Cali girl, you got to travel to Compton to find a real chick. The rest of them are wannabe Hollywood.

And DC…

DC women are pretty down to earth.

You chose Amerie to accompany you on this song. Is she one of the prettiest girls you’ve met? How high does she rank?

No, she’s not the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Amerie is pretty, but I’ve seen some girls who are prettier, but she’s pretty.

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When you’re touring and traveling, do you holla at a lot of women?

I wouldn’t consider myself a player. I’m like any man, I’ll talk to a woman, but I don’t juggle a gang of women. I’m too old. I can’t keep up.

Any wedding plans in the near future?

Hell nah. Definitely not. I mean if it happens, it happens, but right now – nope. Right now, I’m not in the settling-down state like that to get married.

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Do you have a special lady in your life?

Yeah, but I don’t like talking about it because I still want the average fan to have this fantasy that she can be with me. It takes away the fun out of it. I don’t mention it, so they can feel good about themselves. You never know what can happen a year from now.

What type of girl are you attracted to?

A girl with a nice sense of humor…. I’m real simple, but it doesn’t hurt if she’s cute too.

What about the physical?

Keep your feet and nails up. Pretty feet and pretty hands are big for me. You can tell a lot about a woman if her nails are dirty. If they’re dirty, she’s dirty.

That’s it! Nails? What’s sexy?

Nice legs and dimples in the lower back. That’s sexy. Thongs too. The ones that have a little heart on the back are really sexy.

Are cooking skills important?

Cooking is a plus, but she can throw some stuff in the microwave.

Are you any good in the kitchen?

I can damn sure heat up a hot pocket. They’re gooood too.

[Laughs] What else do you have to offer besides a hot pocket?

I can be silly sometimes.

Would you say your personality is your best asset?

I think so, but most women tell me my lips.

Is it true you dated Tyra Banks?

No, but I think she’s cute. I love tall women.

What do you wear to bed?

I usually have on a tank top and some boxers that say cobra right where I use the bathroom at.

[Laughs] Oh, really!? Cobra, eh?

Finish this sentence. Your bed game is …

… marvelous.

Finish this sentence. Your album “Hate It Or Love It” is …

… greatness. Either you’re with me, or you’re not. Either you love me, or either you hate me.

The ladies love you, Chingy.

I love y’all too.


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