Dont Bore Your Valentine | Lifestyle

Dont Bore Your Valentine | Lifestyle

Published February 1, 2008

Posted Jan. 31, 2008 -- Ok, I know that there’s a lot of pressure to get that special someone the right gift for Valentine’s Day, so I’ve decided to let you in on a little secret. Traditional Valentines Day gifts are so played out! If you really want to score big brownie points this year, step outside the box. Stop stressing and listen up.

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1. Scrap the plain old store bought card this year and write your own Hallmark words. Buy a blank card and fill it with sweet sentiments straight from your heart. You don’t have to be Maya Angelou. Even if you write a corny poem or draw two stick figures kissing, your efforts will be adored. For all my computer savvy folks, you can design your own card but still handwrite the words. It’s more romantic.

2. Flowers are beautiful and they smell great, however they don’t last very long. Save the flowers for a non-occasion and get something unexpected for Valentines. Replace the traditional roses with scented candles. They are much more fragrant, they last longer and they can be used to set the mood for a romantic evening.

3. A box of assorted chocolates usually has only 3 of your favorite pieces and the rest are duds. Since chocolate is an aphrodisiac, keep it in the game but add a twist. Order a half dozen gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries or a personal size chocolate cheesecake. Either of these delicacies will excite your sweetheart’s taste buds for sure.

4. Stuffed animals just aren’t the most practical gift for a person over the age of 12. Since they sit around and collect dust, why not give something that will sit around and remind your Valentine why they’re lucky to have you. Put a picture of you and your honey in nice frame or frame the movie stubs from your first date or frame a memento from a special occasion. Awww…

5. If you’re not having a Valentines party, leave the balloons in the store. Instead, buy anything else. No really, how about putting that same message, that’s typically on a balloon, on your night shirt. Just before bed they’ll get to read, “Will you be my Valentine” or “Kiss Me”.

6. Money is great because it spends everywhere; however it can seem a little cold and thoughtless. Try getting a gift card for your sweetie from a place you know they love or tickets to something they’ll enjoy. Grab a gift card from her favorite make-up counter or clothing store. If he loves music, get a gift card to a CD store or surprise him with tickets to his favorite sporting event.

Don’t bore your Valentine this year. Face it, traditional gifts are nice but nontraditional gifts are way more fun.

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