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Get the Cutting Edge | Style | Lifestyle

Published February 5, 2008

Posted Feb. 5, 2008 -- If you’re holding on to your long locks just because, you’re missing out on the biggest hair trend of the moment. Right now it’s all about who has the sassiest hair cut. It’s about being edgy and unique. Rhianna is leading this revolution because she’s not afraid to change things up. She’s quick to snip off a few inches here and there because she knows what works for her.

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Here’s what to consider when choosing a haircut. Learn what works for you.

Face Shape
Determining your face shape and what compliments it best should be the first consideration. Often times, women choose a haircut because they admire the way it looks on someone else. Examine your face and decide which of the basic shapes your face resembles: round, square, oval, triangle or diamond. Each of those facial shapes are complimented better with certain hair styles. Your hair stylist should help you with this determination before cutting your hair. Tip: Use one of the online sites that allow you to upload your picture and use the templates to figure out what your face shape is.

Hair Texture
It’s important to know if the cut you’ve set you sights on will work with your hair texture. Sometimes really fine hair needs layers to look fuller while a short cut may not work for someone with extremely kinky hair. Tip: Be aware that the same cut will look different on someone with straight, fine hair versus someone with thick wavy hair.

Every stylist has their own unique way of styling. From the methods they use to the instruments and products. A good haircut is the best way to achieve a fabulous hairstyle, but not every stylist will know how to make your cut look its best. Depending on the desired outcome the hair may need to be cut with scissors or a razor. Know whether your cut works best when its roller set, blow dried or wrapped. Tip: Be patient, the process used to get the best results from your haircut may take time.

Wonder why you can never get your hair to look the way it does when you leave the salon? The reason is your stylist has been trained and they have practiced their styling technique and you have to do the same. Pay attention to the products they use and how they comb your hair. Choose a cut that you can maintain during the week. Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for product recommendations and maintenance tips.

At the end of the day it’s not just about the cut, but how the cut works for you and how you work the cut!

Written by BET-Staff


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