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Want Clear Skin | Body and Soul | Lifestyle

Published February 29, 2008

Posted Feb. 29, 2008 -- While some of us have to work a lot harder than others to maintain a clear complexion, we all want smooth blemish free skin. If you struggle with maintaining great skin, avoid these bad habits.

• If you’re stressed out, your face will tell the story. Stress causes you to age quicker and it produces hormones that ruin your complexion. Avoid stressing out so that you don’t compromise your skin’s health. Don’t worry be happy!

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• Using too much oil on the skin is a big no-no. Stay away from oil based makeup and moisturizers, as they tend to clog your pores. Also be careful using greasy pomades and oily hairsprays that can eventually end up on your face. Avoid overusing oily products so that they don’t stand between you and great skin.

• Most of us have been raised to believe that having dark skin means that you are protected from the sun’s harmful effects. It’s true that darker skin does have a better natural defense from the sun than lighter skin; however, everyone should smear on a little sun block. Avoid skipping sun block because it adds a layer of protection over the skin that will shields against UV rays and other harmful environmental elements.

• If you have a habit of touching your face, it may be the cause of your skin dilemmas. Touching your face can be a major source of breakouts and rashes, considering we put our hands in so many germy places throughout the day. Avoid transferring germs from your grimy fingers to your face.

• Getting enough sleep is important for healthy skin. Avoid falling asleep with your makeup on. Your body restores and heals as you sleep. Make sure that your face is makeup free and squeaky clean so that your skin can benefit from the work your body puts in overnight.

• Although your taste buds may be calling for a soda your body probably craves water. Not drinking enough water leaves the skin dull and dehydrated.  Avoid not drinking enough water or substituting other beverages for what your body really needs. Water flushes impurities from the body and helps hydrate the skin.

Sometimes getting the results you want are not about what you do, but rather what you avoid doing.

Written by BET-Staff


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