Essentially, It’s All About Your Skin

Essentially, It’s All About Your Skin

Published March 10, 2008

Updated Mar. 10, 2008 – Essential oils can play a significant role in skin care. Fresh herbs and essential oils penetrate deeply into your skin tissues to nourish, repair and restore balance to damaged skin by accelerating cell rejuvenation.

Your skin will improve with time and will appear healthy while at the same time you will be supplying your skin with the natural essences it craves.  
1. Bergamot oil has a spicy lemon-orange like scent and it is excellent for acne prone skin. Loaded with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and drying properties bergamot is ideal for spot treatment for existing blemishes and oily skin. Bergamot pure essential oil is excellent in skin care products because it instantly starts the healing process.  
2. Chamomile oil is strongly aromatic, with a distinct scent of apples. It contains key constitutes that have a soothing effect on the skin. It soothes your skin, lessens and eliminates stress thus bring a natural glow, beauty and a youthful appearance back to your skin. Excellent for skin care particular, eczema, wounds, burns and congested or stressed skin. 

3. Tea Tree oil is an excellent antibacterial treatment making it a valuable acne fighter as well as a natural wound cleaner. Tea tree oil excellent in skin care and personal hygiene. Tea tree oil is fast acting and acts to clear up the skin and calm the injured area. The healing properties of this oil make it one of the best essential oils to have in your purse or medicine cabinet.
4. Lavender oil is regarded as the most versatile of oils and is an excellent choice for those new to aromatherapy. It has antibacterial and soothing properties and is excellent as a preventative treatment that effectively stops breakouts while clearing the redness often associated with acne prone skin. Lavender essential oil is helpful with acne, dermatitis, eczema, sores, spots, and wounds. This is one of the few oils that can be used straight on the skin, but use common sense with the use of any essential oil.
5. Clove oil is a very potent essential oil that has burning and purifying properties. In its pure form it is very irritating and should be blended with a carrier oil (like jojoba oil) before being applied to the skin. This soothing oil is one of the best oils for spot treatment of acne. 

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Please Note - When you first begin working with essential oils, take care in handling them. When you buy oils, write the names and date purchased. Pure essential oils can last from six months to two years.

All skin types will benefit from pure essential oils. Your skin will enjoy the good health it deserves! Seek a licensed clinical aromatherapist for serious skin conditions.

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