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Dreadlock Myths | Style | Lifestyle

Published March 11, 2008

Posted Mar. 10, 2008 -- On the subway or in the board room, dreadlocks are almost as common as any other popular hairstyle. Although you can spot someone wearing dreadlocks almost anywhere, there are still many negative stereo types about them. Also, some people shy away from wearing this natural style because they don’t understand the process.

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Here are the most common myths about locks that continue to feed the misconceptions.

It takes months to start locks.
If your dreads are started using the technique best for your hair’s texture and the right products are used, locks can began to form in a couple of weeks or even a few days. Use products like residue free shampoo and beeswax made especially for locks.

Dreads have to be dirty to lock.
Actually clean hair will lock faster than dirty hair. Not washing your hair hinders it from locking because of the oil and dirt build up.

Dreadlocks are high maintenance.
Dreads simply require a different maintenance regimen. It takes just as much commitment to keep healthy locks as it does to maintain styles that require regular relaxer touch-ups. It’s a trade off and you have to research to decide whether or not dreadlocks fit your lifestyle.

Only real Rasta’s should wear dreads.
While some may wear locks for cultural or spiritual reasons, dreads are not limited for that purpose only. Today many choose to wear dreads for self expression, as a fashion statement or as a way to get away from chemical relaxers.

All dreads are dirty.
So not true! As with all hair, dreads are only dirty if you don’t wash and care for them. Most people with dreads wash their hair as often or more frequently then most.

Only really kinky hair can lock.
While African Americans tend to have really curly hair that coils easily into dreads, any hair type can be locked. There are many dreading techniques that make it possible for straight and wavy hair to be locked. Many Asians, Hispanics and Caucasians wear dreadlocks too.  

Hairstyle options are limited with dreads.
You name it; you can do it with dreads. Of course your style options depend on the length and size of your locks. Dye them blonde, cut them in a bob or pin them up in a fancy up sweep.

The only way to get rid of dreads is to shave your head.
No need to pull out the clippers in order to leave your dreads behind. The hair isn’t fully locked until about 3-4 inches from the scalp, so it’s easy to salvage this portion of hair after cutting the ends. It is also said that dreads can be loosened from tip-to-scalp using a special conditioner, a comb and a lot of patience.

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