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Top 10 Sexiest Jobs | Careers | Lifestyle

Published March 24, 2008

Posted March 24, 2008 -- You’re at a party. You spot someone across the room and you make your way toward each other. Things are going well, so after some small talk you ask, “What do you do for a living?” The answer you receive determines if you exchange phone numbers or say goodnight.

Whether or not we admit it, what people do for a living affects their sex appeal. A recent survey asked participants what occupations they consider the sexiest. You might be surprised that the top picks weren’t necessarily based on salary or looks.

Here are the 10 sexiest jobs, according to the survey.

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1. Entertainer/Model

Why they’re sexy: Entertainers and models make a living by looking good, so you can bet they’re easy on the eyes. Their dedication to their dream in such a competitive industry is also attractive.

Where you’ll find them: Supermodels are on the runways in Paris, Milan and New York or at photo shoots in major cities around the world. Entertainers can find work in any city, but New York and Los Angeles certainly have the best opportunities.

Pros: They travel the world, are famous and have huge paychecks.

Cons: Competition is fierce and there’s a lot of pressure to maintain their looks.

2. Cocktail Waitress

Why they’re sexy: Although it might not seem like an obvious top pick, consider the fact that the waitress is probably dressed in a short skirt and bringing you drinks, which never hurt anybody’s sex appeal.

Where you’ll find them: At any establishment that serves alcohol — casinos, bars, clubs, restaurants and concert halls.

Pros: A good cocktail waitress can make a killing on tips alone, especially in an upscale establishment.

Cons: They have to deal with drunken customers and they often work in smoke-filled bars and clubs.

3. Athlete

Why they’re sexy: Professional athletes are likely in good — no, great — shape. Not to mention they’ve probably been practicing their sport since childhood, so you know they’re disciplined and goal-oriented.

Where you’ll find them: When they’re not training, they’re on the field (or rink or court whatever venue they perform at).

Pros: The chance to be famous and internationally adored is pretty nice.

Cons: The odds of making it big are slim.

4. Firefighter

Why they’re sexy: Firefighters are brave and selfless. Who wouldn’t find that attractive?

Where you’ll find them: Everywhere. Every city needs firefighters, though some smaller towns have volunteer squads.

Pros: They save lives and serve the community.

Cons: They risk their lives every day.

5. Cowboy

Why they’re sexy: Few archetypes are as engrained in our culture as the cowboy. He’s masculine, chivalrous and everything else we admired in Western movies.

Where you’ll find them: On ranches in rural areas. Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and California are the most traditional examples of cowboy country.

Pros: It’s a quiet life away from the city.

Cons: The have to work with their hands and outdoors, regardless of the season.

6. Nurse

Why they’re sexy: Nurses keep you comfortable, make sure you’re healthy and bring you morphine when you’re hurting. That they devote their lives to caring for others and understand all that medical jargon only makes them sexier.

Where you’ll find them: In hospitals, your doctor’s office and other health care facilities.

Pros: They care for patients, watch them get better and put a baby in its parents' arms for the first time.

Cons: The hours are long; patients and their families can be demanding and there are plenty of sad events they have to witness, too.

7. Artist

Why they’re sexy: The average artist is doing what makes them happy, not what will bring them fame or money — and that’s pretty sexy. How many occupations can you say that about?

Where you’ll find them: Everywhere. Painters, photographers, sculptors and other types of artists work in their own studios, in offices for ad agencies or on location for photo shoots.

Pros:  They spend their days being creative and get paid for it.

Cons: The paying work that’s easiest to find is often boring and doesn’t allow artists to express themselves.

8. Military Professional

Why they’re sexy: Well, they’ve got the ultimate uniform, if you’re into that sort of thing. The military also instills a sense of discipline, so you can count on them to be responsible and dependable.

Where you’ll find them: On military bases throughout the country.

Pros: Job security and good pay.

Cons: Long-term commitment and willingness to relocate frequently, which means sticking with a job no matter where it takes you.

9. Construction Worker

Why they’re sexy: Didn’t you see that soft drink commercial where all the women stare out their window to watch the construction worker take off his shirt?

Where you’ll find them: Wherever a new building is going up, a house is being renovated or a road is being repaved.

Pros: Their job keeps them in shape and their hard work is often rewarded with a nice salary.

Cons: Performing manual labor every day is tiring and sometimes dangerous.

10. TV Anchor/Personality

Why they’re sexy: Maybe it’s the way they talk with authority, seem to know everything and make you feel like you’re best friends. Or maybe it’s the fact that you don’t know if they’re really wearing pants under that desk.

Where you’ll find them: On your TV in the morning, at noon and at night.

Pros: They get to be on television and get the news before anybody else.

Cons: They can spend years working in small cities before they get a job in a major market.


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