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Braided Dos | Style | Lifestyle

Published March 25, 2008

Posted March 25, 2008 -- Braids have gotten a bad rap among mature crowds. Some feel they are either too “hood” or too juvenile. Lately, some of today’s hottest stars have been seen sporting a wide range of trendy braided styles. Common folk and celebrities alike are realizing that braids are a great way to add texture and interest to a plain 'do.

Here are a few ways that you can creatively add braids to everyday hairstyles for a fashionable look.

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The Braided Professional
Nothing is classier than a well suited woman with her hair neatly slicked back into a round bun. A trendy option to that same look would be to add a little spice with a braid.

How to: Once the hair is neatly tucked into a bun, craft a handful of human or synthetic hair into braid long enough to wrap around the bun. Secure the braid on each end with rubber bands to prevent unraveling. Use hair pins hold the braid in place around the bun.

If your hair isn’t long enough to put into a bun, you can still sport this look. Try a fully braided bun. How to: Simply brush your hair into a low ponytail. Braid 2 long pieces of synthetic hair, secure the ends and form the braids into the shape of a bun. Your new round hair sculpture will be the perfect office accessory. 

Casual Rapunzel
If you prefer to flaunt a more relaxed hairstyle, try adding a braid or two to keep it interesting. Braid a section of your hair back for a care-free earthy look.

How to: Simply braid one side of your hair loosely, allowing the braid to freely blend into the style. This technique can work with both straight and curly hairstyles.

A cute way to swoop your dangling tresses out of the way is to tie both sides of you hair back with braids. How to: Reinvent your look by softly braiding the sides back. Be sure to keep it loose but in place. Leave a few strands out; the slight imperfections really make it sexy.

Evening Goddess
Braids have been used in classy up dos in many cultures for decades.  Now hitting the town with a braided pin up will definitely set you apart.

How to: First roller set your hair. After it dries, randomly add a half dozen small braids throughout. Then pin the hair into a tussled upswept.

The braided bun is also a fabulous evening option. How to: Use the same instructions given above. Just make the braid a little larger and the bun more exaggerated.

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