Bad Hair Day Remedies | Style

Bad Hair Day Remedies | Style

Published April 16, 2008

Posted April 16, 2008 -- It happens, you wake up with somewhere to go and your hair won’t cooperate. When your hair decides to have a mind of its own, don’t stress, you have options. You’ve got to shift into creative gear in order to remedy the situation.

Change your bad hair days into fashionable days.  

Remedy #1 -- The most obvious way to hide your ‘do on a bad hair day is to wear a hat. The problem is that most people throw on any old hat, making it apparent that their hair is a mess underneath. Instead have a collection of stylish hats so you have options. At least have a cute baseball hat, a fedora and a beret. This way, your hat is a deliberate fashion choice that can compliment your outfit and cover your not so hot tresses.

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Remedy #2 -- The same goes for scarves. Have a selection of fashionable scarves so that you are prepared to whip one out when needed. There are several chic ways to wear a scarf that will nicely cover the fact that your ‘do ain’t done. Depending on which part of your hair looks worst, you can tie it as a headband or around the front edges. You can even cover your entire head. Tie it up high for an earthy Badu flair or low and flowing for fly gypsy look.

Remedy #3 -- Headbands, rhinestone hair clips, flowers, Chinese hair sticks - the list can go on and on. Hair accessories are a cool way to camouflage a dreadful hairdo. Unlike hats and scarves, this bad hair day remedy is great for transforming your hair into something presentable for work or a formal evening out. 

Remdey #4 -- If your hair just won’t act right, add on some that will. Hair extensions and additions can provide a variety of options when you’re in a bind. Next time you’re in the beauty store, play around with some of the wigs and clip-ons. Both have come along way and can be very attractively worn. Remember wigs come in half and full styles and the ponytail clips aren’t like they used to be. There isn’t a color or length that you can’t find.

Bad hair days are a part of life, get creative and make them work for you.

Written by BET-Staff


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