How to Please Your Man on Father's Day | Style

How to Please Your Man on Father's Day | Style

Published May 20, 2008

Posted May 20, 2008 -- It’s Father’s Day, and your man deserves some love and attention. Forget the obvious – cuff links, gadget, power drill – and go for the gusto. Change the routine and thank your man, children’s father and provider with the gift of a lifetime: sex, food and silence.

First things first. Silence. That speaks for itself. Send the kiddies to grandma’s or Auntie Esther’s house for the day. Wake ’em up early for a light breakfast with daddy, and then send their little behinds out the door.

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Now that the kids are gone, it’s time to play. Take the mimosas back to the bedroom and change into something sexy. Put on your game face. Today’s not the day to be uptight about his favorite position or dirty name-calling. If you want to really excite your man, then you gotta lower yourself in the bed. Give in and do all the wild revolting stuff he loves. Experiment and handle your business.

While he sleeps like a baby, prepare a hardy lunch – and make sure you fix his favorites. If he hates meatloaf, don’t make it! Eat with your mouth closed unless he starts a conversation with you. Remember the three golden rules: sex, food and silence. So, quit trying to analyze him and just eat. Bottom line, don’t bring up the bills, kids, relatives or that broken appliance until tomorrow.

Up next. When was the last time you offered your man a massage? Last year, last week, never? Well, today is his lucky day. Draw a bath; pour in the bubbles; and make dad feel good. The quickest way to relax his entire body is via his feet. Use the pads of your thumbs to rub his heel with firm, circular motions and gently squeeze the tips of his toes one by one. Give his chest a little TLC, arms, thighs … You get the idea. Stroke him everywhere possible while giving him a few loving kisses.
When your man feels like a million bucks, it makes him want to fold his arms around you. Send his self-confidence skyrocketing by telling him what a hottie he his and how much you and the kids appreciate him. Remember, keep it short.

Whew. It’s about 3 p.m. now. … Get comfy. Loaf around. Watch a movie. The choice is his for the next two hours. If he wants you to wear a nurse's uniform or your red stiletto shoes, then do it. If he wants to watch ESPN for last night’s game updates, then fake the funk and join him. Do things his way this time.

End the evening with the kids and enjoy a family dinner at dad’s favorite restaurant. Your treat, of course! It’s the perfect ending to a perfect Father’s Day.

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