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Published June 17, 2008

Posted June 3, 2008 -- Looking great starts with healthy skin, so nurture your skin from the inside-out. Ignite your skins natural glow by putting only the best in your body and on your skin.

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Seeds of Beauty

“You are what you eat” is an age old saying that remains true. Healthy skin starts by eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. Since most of us are not getting the necessary daily nutrients from the foods we eat, taking a vitamin supplement is a great way to assure your skin has what it needs to be the best it can be.

Beauty Fave: Hate swallowing bulky pills? Try Natural Vitality Organic Life Vitamins, a liquid dietary supplement. Simply mix 2 oz. with your favorite beverage and chugalug!

Rough and Ready

Your body needs your help. Although the body will naturally shed away dead skin to reveal new glowing skin, it still needs an occasional scrubbing to help speed up the process. Exfoliating leaves your skin rejuvenated and silky smooth.

Beauty Fave: Try Brown Sugar Body Polish, a stimulating exfoliate that will get rid of the old and reveal the new. Experience a moisturizing scrub treatment made with pure brown sugar, blended with the world’s finest oils. Igniting your skin’s glow has never been so sweet.

Capture the Moisture

While daily cleansing can strip away the skin’s natural moisture, you can recapture your skin’s brilliance.  Protect your skin’s essential moisture from evaporating by using a moisturizer to seal in your skin’s radiant glow.

Beauty Fave: Use Vaseline Intensive Care’s Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil after bathing to replenish and lock in your skin’s moisture. Enriched with Brazilian nut and almond oils, it’s rich in essential nutrients, known to boost the skin's moisture barrier. Yup, Vaseline does it again.

Now, ignite the light in you! Radiant skin is the foundation for a beautiful glow.

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