Lifestyle | Style: What Women Like and Diss-Like

Lifestyle | Style: What Women Like and Diss-Like

Published July 24, 2008

Posted July 22, 2008 -- They like you in clean sneakers, they hate untidy cornrows, and you’d probably get more play if you stopped wearing your jeans below your butt.

We asked 20 women of different ages and backgrounds, and compiled the following list of 10 fashion offenses that men commit regularly. With a quick read of the list below, you should have a clear idea of what to wear (or purchase) -- and perhaps more importantly, what not to wear (or get rid of) -- in order to get her attention.

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What Women Like
1. Clean sneakers
2. A decent shoe game (more than 4 pairs of shoes)
3. Nice pair of jeans 
4. Cologne
5. Cool watch
6. Boxer briefs
7. A fresh haircut
8. A good-looking tie
9. More than one belt
10. Name brands

Style Icons to Emulate:
Will Smith
Kanye West

What Women Diss-Like
1. Dirty sneakers
2. Untidy cornrows (untidy hair, period!)
3. Jeans hanging below the butt
4. Dirty fingernails
5. Extra-long t-shirts or jerseys (or tight fitting shirts)
6. Tighty-whities
7. A suit that’s way too big
8. Pinky rings
9. Athletic socks worn with dress shoes
10. Sandals

Biggest Fashion Mistake:
Fake Bling (If you can’t afford it, don’t flaunt it.)


Written by BET-Staff


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