Beauty Basics - Don't Leave Without 'Em | Style

Beauty Basics - Don't Leave Without 'Em | Style

Published July 29, 2008

Posted July 29, 2008 -- Mama said there would be days like this but she never told you about these beauty must-haves that you should take when you’re on a date. Don’t get caught slippin’.

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Blotting papers – To get rid of unwanted shine keep your blotting papers close by. No need to retouch your makeup, just be sure to have your handy, purse sized grease zappers to reduce that pesky glow.

Flavored Lipgloss -  For obvious reasons you want to be sure to have your lip gloss with you on your date for retouches. Chances are it will come off after a good meal or a good kiss. Instead of your regular lip gloss, grab a flavored tube that you’ll both enjoy tasting.
Deodorant – You’re on the dance floor having a good time with your date and realize that your deodorant wasn’t strong enough to last through your two-step. If this happens you shouldn’t have to suffer through the night avoiding close encounters … be prepared. Have a mini deodorant tucked snug in your clutch and you can dance into the sunset.

Concealer - Take a good date into the wee hours of the night without your date having to stare into tired, dark eyes. So when those dark circles start to appear, simply make a bathroom run and dab a little concealer under the eyes to wake up those flirty peepers once again.  You’ll look rejuvenated even if you don’t feel it.

Dissolving Breathe Strips - Chewing gum and talking can be so tacky and juggling a mint around during a conversation takes real talent. Instead pop a breathe strip in for a fresh, kissable mouth in seconds. The minty film will dissolve just in time for the perfect good night smooch.

Hair Clip or Pony Holder -  Ladies, always be prepared in case your good hairdo goes bad, especially if you’re on a date. If your flawless tresses take a turn for the worst, the last thing you want to do is borrow a rubber band and have to sport a whack pony. Have your favorite hair clip or pins on hand to reinvent your ‘do.

Happy Dating!

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