The Fitness Challenge Winners Did it! You can, too

The Fitness Challenge Winners Did it! You can, too

Published July 30, 2008

Posted July 15, 2008 – The BET Fitness Challenge started with four team finalists jump-starting their new healthier lifestyle in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.  Now we have the winners!

“I’ll admit, it was first about winning great prizes, but what it ended up to be the best prize was improving my overall health,” said Karen K, who with Rachael E, make up the grand prize winning BET Fittness Challenge team.,

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She was only expressing the same sentiments as the other Fitness Challenge participants.

All the participants also agreed with Karen's team member, Rachael, when she said: "Everyone is a winner because we all took the time to focus on our health, and now we have the tools and the commitment to stay on track with our goals, no matter what,”

The winning Fitness Challenge teams received expert instructions from BET Foundation fitness trainers, skilled nutritionists, participated in nutrition classes, healthy cooking demonstrations and a special fitness program designed to meet individual needs. 

Team prizes also included a 3-month gym membership, team fitness trainer, and special gifts, plus an opportunity to be a VIP at the 2008 BET Awards and a year-supply of Honey Nut Cheerios!

Why they took the Challenge:  Like many women in their 40’s, Rachael and Karen decided it was time to recognize that good health was no longer something that would just exist without taking action.  According to Rachael, “being selected was the real push they needed to start eating right, moving more and paying close attention to their overall lifestyle.”

The team recognized their growing risk for heart disease and the risk for stroke because of bad cholesterol and wanting to do something about it.  They took the Fitness Challenge to help reduce these risks and other such as hypertension, chronic overweight and to learn how to cope with emotional eating.

Goals and beyond:  Both women met their fitness challenge healthy lifestyles goals, which included meeting reasonable weight, inches and nutrition goals.   When asked what was the most significant thing they learned, Rachael said, “not feeling a sense of starving when I changed from eating a few big meals, instead spacing smaller meals out throughout the day.  I felt satisfied, and actually realized I was eating less!”

Fitness/Food strategies: Yoga was Karen’s favorite form of exercise for the benefits of core strength training and getting in touch with her emotional side – which has lead to her habit of overeating.  “I gained the confidence to try to new forms of exercises... like Pilates... yoga,” Karen said. "I didn’t start out thinking I could lose weight and control my appetite with yoga, but I was pleasantly surprised!” 

Rachael took a more aggressive approach to her fitness program, opting for spinning classes three-days a week between weight and light cardio exercises.  “I enjoy the fast pace of spinning class.” she said. “I really feel energized all day long and now look forward to my next class.”

The point is to find what works best for you that will keep your interest!

Words of wisdom: “Don’t go it alone,” Karen said. 

 “Definitely seek out a friend, and fitness and nutrition experts because your friend will help keep you on track with encouragement, and the fitness and nutritional experts will educate you on how to reach your goals, Rachael says, adding "Just don’t go it alone!”

Call 1-866-3-LOSE-IT for your “Healthy BET” healthy living brochure or register free to attend a BET Foundation Women’s Health Symposium.

Written by BET-Staff


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