About A Healthy BET

About A Healthy BET

Published July 30, 2008

The A Healthy BET campaign began in January 2004 with a nationwide fitness challenge. Healthy BET is a national campaign devoted to promoting healthy eating and lifestyle habits to reduce the occurrence of obesity among African Americans. To strengthen the campaign, BET has teamed up with General Mills and together they will leverage their strengths in brand recognition, product quality and consumer influence.

A Healthy BET Campaign include celebrity and real life PSAs, programming vignettes, a nationwide fitness challenge, community forums on nutrition and fitness, a journal/brochure, a toll-free information line, and a dedicated website.

The primary target for Healthy BET is African American women 18-54.  According to the American Obesity Association, African American women and young girls are at highest risk.  According to AOA, 78 percent of African American women are overweight; 51 percent are obese.  The secondary focus of Healthy BET is overall awareness throughout the Black community regarding healthy living, prevention, and nutrition.

Americans in general are dangerously overweight and obese; this growing trend is literally shortening the lives of adults and sweeping its way into the ranks of children.  For African Americans, the statistics are worse than any population group in the country.  BET’s audience is largely African American and we feel that this medium is a constant tool to ignite change and urge people to take action that will bring down the obesity rate of African Americans, particularly African American females.

BET has a diverse viewership within key demographics among African Americans and although Healthy BET was developed by BET, obesity is affecting our community collectively.  Synergy among the Black press is vital to reach as many African Americans as possible consistently and effectively. Media outlets can support this initiative by disseminating information about Healthy BET in conjunction with the various tools developed to support this campaign: PSAs, Special Programming, Seminars and Public Forums, Brochures, a Toll-free hotline, Website, and a National weight loss contest

For Healthy BET inquiries, process requests or brochures a 24-hour, toll-free number is available 1-866-3LOSE-IT.  Messages about the Healthy BET program along with healthy eating and weight loss tips are also featured on BET.com and soon www.ahealthybet.com will be functional for all assist you in your health living needs.

Written by BET-Staff


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