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Workout Hairstyles | Style | Lifestyle

Published July 30, 2008

Posted Mar. 18, 2008 -- If you are one of those savvy, health conscious women who take time out from your daily routine to exercise, you've probably discovered that you must plan your hairstyles accordingly. Choose a hairstyle that works with your exercise routine, so that you don’t get discouraged.

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No need to settle for the disheveled, “I just worked out” look. These styles are easy to maintain while maintaining your figure.

- Women with natural hair probably have the least to worry about in terms of working out and ruining their hairstyle. Naturally curly or wavy hair done in twists, cornrows or dreadlocks will typically hold well. For those that prefer to leave their natural tresses free flowing, just pin the hair back until step class is over.

- Wraps and soft styles are not tough to maintain when hitting the gym if you’re willing to leave your hair wrapped or pin curled while you workout. They are not the cutest looks for the gym, but they work. Wrap or pin curl your hair in place and tie on a thin scarf on before exercising. This will definitely preserve your silky smooth tresses.

- You can do just about anything in braids and still look fabulous. Most braided hairstyles use human or synthetic hair extensions. These braided styles require no preparation prior to going to the gym. If they hang free, simply tie them out of the way and move something!

- Really curly sets like flexi rods and straw sets are great for working out. When the hair is set in a tight curl pattern with a maximum-hold setting lotion or mousse, it gives your hairstyle staying power.

- Getting a hair weave can also make life easier when your climbing the stair master regularly. With your hair tucked away, the weave extensions will be easier to maintain than your natural hair. Try using hair that is already set into a wave or curl mold so that you can shake and go. 

These style options will work with your exercise routine so that you can work up a sweat without working your hair into a frenzied mess.

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