Your Passport To Summer Fitness

Your Passport To Summer Fitness

Published July 30, 2008

Posted June 5, 2008 – Are you ready to look and feel your best this summer? If so, pack your bags, get on your sneakers, and begin a summer of fun and fitness.  Follow these simple guidelines for a trip of a lifetime to help you feel fit and fabulous throughout the summer and beyond.

Get in the right mindset.  Summer is a time for fun!  To start a summer fitness routine, forget about the “can’t haves” and think about what is at your fingertips – good weather, summer nights, fresh fruits and vegetables, and more opportunities for fitness events than any other time of the year.  Commit yourself to take advantage of all the summer has to offer.  Try visiting a farmer’s market, signing up for a community race, or checking out a nearby recreation trail.

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Pack your bags. Having the right tools can make your fitness journey easier to start and more fun along the way.  These are good items to have on hand:

  • A freezable water bottle.  Make water your first choice for a cool drink this summer. Tip:  Freeze water the night before to take with you on a long walk or to keep you refreshed and hydrated all day.  For an added tang and some vitamin C, squeeze a fresh lemon wedge in your water or add a little lemon juice.  
  • Comfortable shoes.  Don’t let sore legs or ankles bring you down.  In addition to your favorite summer sandals, make sure you have comfortable walking shoes.  Keep these in your car or at work so you’re ready for a lunchtime walk or a stroll through a park on your way home.
  • Fitness clothes. You don’t have to lose your sense of fashion when you work out.  Purchase fitness clothes you feel comfortable wearing.  Sometimes just having workout clothes that feel good helps get you moving. And you don’t have to spend a lot to feel good. Your favorite discount outlet, such as Marshalls or Filene’s Basement, has a wide variety of reasonably priced fitness shoes and clothing to choose from.

Choose your destination.  Take time to look into all of the fun fitness activities going on this summer.  Grab a friend or family member and sign up for an organized walk or join a community pool.  Be on the lookout for outings where you can be active.  Stop by your local library or bookstore and map out nearby parks and recreation trails for an added adventure. 

Get moving – start for 30 minutes a day. Start your summer fitness trip with at least 30 minutes of activity a day.   Even if it’s just taking walk breaks at work, every minute counts. Take advantage of the extended daylight hours and warm weather to enjoy the outdoors. Gradually increase your minutes each week.  Aim for one hour a day by the end of the summer. 

Expand your horizons.  Just like any trip, it feels good to go that extra mile.  After you have regularly added 30 minutes of activity into your day, expand your routine by lifting weights, walking once more around the track or trying a new activity that you may enjoy.

Power your engine.  To keep your energy levels high, enjoy the energizing fruits and vegetables that are available throughout the summer.  Top your cereal with fresh berries, enjoy ripe tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, crunch on apples and celery, and visit your local farmers’ markets to get the freshest produce in season.

Keep a travel diary or blog. Keep track of your progress. People who track their progress are more likely to follow through with their goals.  Try writing down your goals and your weekly routine in a journal.  Add pictures to see your progress along the way.  There are several websites that allow you to set fitness goals and track your progress online.

Bring your friends! Activities are always more fun with others.  Being social not only helps make exercise more exciting, but it also allows you to team up and work towards your goals together.  Fitness activities are also a good way to meet people and make new friends. 

This can be the summer for exciting changes to your health and fitness - your summer.  It’s a chance for you to focus and take care of yourself. 

But like any journey, you will need a plan to help you stay on track.  Print out this article and use it as your map to a new and better you.  And most importantly – have fun!

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