The Good Life - Family Backyard Fun | Style

The Good Life - Family Backyard Fun | Style

Published July 30, 2008

Posted June 5, 2008 -- With more time during the summer season, it’s the best time to think about fun ways to spend time with the family.  Children, especially, want to spend their time outside, enjoying the weather.  Pools and other outdoor toys are fun but there are also  some less expensive ways to keep the kids entertained.

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When you were growing up, you can recall enjoying those fun outdoor games, from kickball and dodgeball to “Red Light, Green Light.” 

Bring those fun summer activities back to life with your kids.  These classic games that you once played can become a favorite for your little ones.  Just to refresh your memory, here are some fun games that were fun then, and still are today:

Red Rover
Red Light, Green Light
Hide and Seek
Mother, May I?
Simon Says

You can also do other simple games, such as family races, either in the traditional way, or Three-Legged and Potato Sack racing.  This is a good way to keep you children active during their summer break.  It may even be a good idea to keep their brains running, by adding in mathematics or other educational tools into your games.

Other ways of creating a good time with your family are doing things together, such as making fun drinks or delicious snacks.

Super stores are the best places to purchase balls, plastic baseballs and bats, snacks, fun summer drinks and other fun items needed to play these games and partake in these simple backyard activities for the entire family.


Written by BET-Staff


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