Valentines Day 08 | Style

Valentines Day 08 | Style

Published July 31, 2008

Posted Feb. 1, 2008 -- 106 & Park's Terrence J says he's a hopeless romantic and knows a few things about making a woman happy on Valentine's Day. Here are his suggestions for your special Valentine. Take notes!

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Do guys appreciate flowers? What would you suggest a woman do for her man on Valentine's Day?

I would say to the ladies out there, if your man likes sports then surprise him with a football jersey on. If he likes food a lot, cook up his favorite dish. Whatever your man likes, just do something that’s from the heart and caters to him. That always goes over better than giving him a tie, flowers or something standard.

I think the sexiest thing for me is when a female knows my wants and desires and what my needs are and caters to those things.

OK, let's talk about the ladies because we all want a gift. If you were my Valentine, what would you buy?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so diamonds are always a nice gift for Valentine’s Day. I’m a helpless romantic, so I still do flowers, teddy bears and chocolates. But, don’t give your man that stuff. I don’t want any teddy bears or box of chocolates. If you're going to do chocolates, then get strawberries too and make it sexy.

Do men appreciate freaky lingerie?

I like a combo of both - freaky and sexy. Whatever you do, it has to be tasteful and be responsible!

Describe your perfect Valentine's Day.

If I came home and my girl was cooking for me in a New York Giants jersey looking sexy, while making my favorite dish - That's perfect. I don’t need any gifts. I love football and food. Oh, and videogames.

Do you have a Valentine?

I'm not in a serious relationship right now, but I'm delivering some flowers to some special women in my life.

What type of woman gets your attention?

I love women in general. I'm really big on eyes and lips. I never had a set type. I like big girls and skinny girls. I like women from Meagan Good to Mo'Nique. I'm into intelligence. That's sexy. If you're a real man, you appreciate a good woman.

Every girl I try to date is jealous of my best friend Rocsi. I need a strong woman because I'm flirtatious by nature. If I would have met Rocsi in 2001, it would have been a whole different ballgame. Work is how I pay my rent, so I'm not going to sacrifice our business relationship. I'm too much in love with my work.

So, it's all work and no play?

I do my thing and hangout, but I don't do the groupie thing or one night stands. If I'm going to date a woman, I'm going to get to know her first. I'm an all around good dude.

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