Textbook Finder Tips| Style

Textbook Finder Tips| Style

Published August 7, 2008

Posted, Aug. 4, 2008 - Let’s face it! Education is expensive, and so are textbooks! Hopefully, these tips will help you shave a few dollars off of your textbook costs!

1. Do not buy textbooks, prior to the first day of classes unless instructed by your professor. This is because not all professors use the same text for courses that are alike.

2. Ask the professor if he/she allows sharing. If so, you can save money by going half on a book with a classmate. If not, then make sure you get a book because the professor may administer an open-book quiz!

3. Before going out to buy the book, ask around and see if someone already has a copy and is willing to sell the book to you for a discounted price.  :: AD ::

4. If you have to buy the book, shop around! Check online sources because the school bookstores tend to hike up the prices tremendously. Here are some websites you can check out:


5. If your teacher requires that you get the University edition, or you can not buy the book any where else, go to purchase it from the bookstore.

6. Keep your textbooks in mint condition so you can resale the book to other students and make a profit. You can also get a group of friends and have a textbook swap, that way everyone is happy and has not spend anymore money!

Although textbooks are expensive, in most cases they are required to be successful in the classroom. So make sure you take the right steps in getting the book!


Written by BET-Staff


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