College Dating Advice for Freshmen | Style

College Dating Advice for Freshmen | Style

Published August 8, 2008

Posted Aug. 4, 2008 -- The characteristics of a stereotypical, rebellious teen are to go against the grain, not stick to the status quo, and break the mold.  Most, if not all, teenagers have a bit of the “rebellious teen mentality.”  Even if it has never been shown before, one place guaranteed to make it appear is college.

The problem is, when most freshmen finally get to college they want to break a different mold – the mold there parents have set for them.  In all actuality, they need to be breaking the mold that’s instantly placed upon them as freshmen by upperclassmen: the mold that makes freshmen out to be young, naïve, gullible newbie’s, of who can easily be taken advantage.  What’s the easiest situation to take advantage of a new freshman? Dating.  That’s why freshmen need to know the “In’s and Out’s” of dating in college.

1. Freshmen are looked at as users.  It’s been said that freshmen only go for people who have “4,” “3,” “2,” or “1:” 4 wheels, 3 letters, 2 numbers, or 1 house.  The 4 wheels references a car, the 3 letters references being a part of a sorority or fraternity, the 2 numbers references being an athlete, and 1 house references having an off-campus place. Since upperclassmen see freshmen as users, they use this as justifiable reason for them to use the freshmen back.

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2. Upperclassman can be tricky.  They know freshmen are new to the game and have not yet experienced the tricks they’re already tried on their fellow upperclassman. Don’t fall for it so easily. Prepare yourself by trying to find out some of the games yourself before checking anyone out.

3. Don’t get too serious too quickly.  College is about having fun and experiencing new things.  Lots of freshmen think if you don’t find that “special someone” within the first semester of school you never will. That’s not true.  Be young, live life, and “do you” before even thinking about settling down.

4. Keep your dating life to yourself.  When it comes to gossip and rumors, college is just a bigger, more concentrated version of high school.  Because college students are together almost all of the time, they tend to talk more and be more in other people’s business. This creates more tension and with more tension comes more drama.

5. Emulate Janet Jackson and “Control” yourself.  Yes, there are a lot of new faces – some of those faces being extremely attractive.  Yes, you’re finally away from your parents and can do whatever you want. These circumstances, however, do not give anyone the excuse to start acting foolish and run around buck wild.  Especially since in reality, people’s eyes are usually bigger than their stomachs.

Though these tips will help in a freshman year social life, remember that college is still about getting an education first, and getting a love interest later.

Written by BET-Staff


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