Jason Taylor Survives A Health Scare

Jason Taylor Survives A Health Scare

Published September 29, 2008

Posted Sept. 29, 2008 – Football star Jason Taylor just did the dance of his life. After suffering a freak injury during a game in mid September, the “Dancing with The Stars” competitor nearly did a dance with death when the defensive end suffered what’s called compartmental syndrome and had to be rushed into surgery.

Compartment syndrome is an serious medical problem following injury, surgery or in most cases repetitive and extensive muscle use, in which blood builds up causing increased pressure (usually caused by inflammation) on a muscle and that pressure interferes with the blood supply. Without prompt treatment, or, in Taylor’s case, surgery, the ailment could lead to nerve damage and muscle death.

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Taylor, the Washington Redskins’ defensive apparently took a hit in the team’s 24-17 win over Arizona last week, but he didn’t know that blood had collected near his ankle.

The condition, known as compartment syndrome, left an odd feeling in his leg, but Taylor says he was frightened when he was rushed into surgery.

“I didn’t want to [have the surgery],” he said on a sports blog. “I wanted to wait. I wanted to let God try to heal it up some. Sometimes, I guess you’ve got to help Him out.”

He is recovering from last week’s surgery that may have prevented his death if the injury went untreated. 

“I was a little scared about that and didn’t quite understand why it had to be done so suddenly,” Taylor recalls. “I kept telling the doctor, ‘Let's wait until the sun comes up and let me talk to some people,’ and they kept stressing how important it was to get it done right away.

A 20-minute operation to drain the blood was successful and may have prevented possible paralysis, or even death, experts say. Taylor sat out Sunday’s game versus Dallas and is expected to play soon.

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