How to Be a Mother and Earn a Degree | Careers

How to Be a Mother and Earn a Degree | Careers

Published November 17, 2008

Posted Nov. 17, 2008 -- Often the busier someone is the better they do, they just don't have any room to slack off. In fact, the skills that help moms succeed at this everyday juggling act are the same skills that help them excel as students.

Excel at Organization
Moms manage their homes and maintain the family schedule. They efficiently juggle the duties of work and home and even throw in a few charity-related tasks from time to time. For some, adding in course material to their to-do list would prove to be just too much for their organization and time-management skills, but not for many moms. They are pros at organizing their time and physical space around them. Moms find the perfect time slot to fit in that study time and the perfect place to store their course materials.

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Master the Skill of Problem-Solving
The only thing predictable about children is the absolute unpredictability they add to life. Moms need to be able to respond at a moment's notice with an appropriate solution to any problem. "I don't know" is not a typical mom response. Even if they do not initially know the answer to a problem, they work to figure one out. This applies to the everyday life issues moms encounter, and can also helpful in their courses. 

See the Big Picture but Pay Attention to the Details
Moms have unique vision. They are able to see the big picture, yet notice all of the small steps needed to get there. This is true with everything on the home front, as well as pursuing their degree. They can keep an eye on the prize, yet focus an all of the small hurdles to get there.

Are Used to Working Day and Night
Being a mother is a 24/7 job. Putting in long hours comes with the territory. A mom's ability to take care of responsibilities when she would rather be relaxing will help her complete her assignments and take the necessary steps towards completing her degree.

Know that Dreams Can Come True
When a 5-year-old asks her mom if she can be a doctor when she grows up the answer is a sincere "Yes!" Moms have big dreams for their children and know that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. That's why applying those same qualities to their own dreams, like earning a higher degree, sets them on the road to success.

Can Multitask with Proficiency
Virtually every mom out there wishes there were more hours in a day to get everything accomplished. Since this is not possible, the next best thing is multitasking. Given all they have to manage, moms really are pros when it comes to completing many tasks at once and streamlining duties. This same ability serves moms well when tackling college courses.

Have Great Communication Skills
Have you ever tried convincing a whining 3-year-old that candy will ruin his appetite; calming an energetic 6-year-old while grocery shopping; or encouraging a teenager to get up for school? Moms do this everyday and therefore it is no surprise that they have great communication skills. Whether course discussions are held in a classroom or online forums, moms succeed in effectively communicating with others.

Take Responsibility Seriously
The fate of society's future rests in the hands of our children and raising these little people is no small feat. Moms take this responsibility seriously. They also understand the importance of giving their children every possible opportunity. That's why moms treat their student status with great responsibility. They aren't just working towards a degree; they are working towards a brighter future for their children. 

Are Quick Learners
Kids do not come with instruction manuals. Moms learn through trial and error and, with the ever-changing nature of children, they must learn quickly. They know how to discern the information being presented to them and process it accordingly. This ability to learn quickly proves to be very valuable when learning course material. The sooner they "get it" the quicker they can move on to other details of their day. 

Understand Delayed Rewards
Moms are busy caring for others and often put their own needs on the backburner. They understand that investing their time in raising their children will pay off later as they witness the wonderful adults their children become. This same mentality makes them great students. They have no problem working hard now to receive a great reward down the road. 

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