Best Jobs of 2009 | Careers

Best Jobs of 2009 | Careers

Published December 15, 2008

Posted Dec. 15, 2008 -- Unfortunately, not many people are a stranger to the downward spiraling economy that began in December 2007 and continued to deplete throughout 2008.

In fact, November 2008 marked some of worst numbers in decades in terms of job loss: The unemployment rate, for example, hit a 14-year high this November at a rate of 6.7 percent. That month also counted 1.9 million jobs lost throughout 2008 alone; two-thirds of those losses occurred in the last three months. The number of unemployed persons increased from 10.1 million in October to 10.3 million people in November, according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Since 2007, the number of unemployed persons has increased by 3.1 million, and the unemployment rate has gone up by 2 percent. For the 10.3 million currently unemployed people, however, there is hope for some reprieve in 2009.

Looking for a job in 2009? Here are 25 of the best jobs to look for in the New Year, defined as jobs that saw growth in the second half of 2008.*

Industry: Management, business and financial operations occupations

Total employment: 22,425,000**

Best jobs:

1.      Public relations manager: $72,452/year***

2.      Purchasing agent: $49,401/year

3.      Claims adjuster, appraiser, examiner and investigator: $58,219/year

4.      Human resources, training and labor relations specialist: $63,577/year

5.      Budget analyst: $56,924/year

Industry: Professional and related occupations

Total employment: 30,370,000

Best jobs:

6.      Computer programmer: $59,628/year

7.      Electrical and electronics engineer: $70,706/year

8.      Writers and editors: $42,405/year and $47,386/year, respectively

9.      Pharmacist: $88,009/year

10.   Audiologist: $57,779/year

Industry: Service occupations

Total employment: 25,114,000

Best jobs:

11.  Private detectives and investigators: $38,656/year and $34,810/year, respectively

12.  Chefs and head cooks: $44,047/year and $40,794/year, respectively

13.  Tour and travel guide: $22,917/year

14.  Recreation and fitness worker: $15,101/year and $22,440/year, respectively

15.  Grounds maintenance worker: $22,407/year

Industry: Sales and office occupations

Total employment: 35,180,000

Best jobs:

16.  Cashier: $22,931/year

17.  Telephone operator: $25,165/year

18.  Hotel, motel and resort desk clerks: $19,926/year

19.  Cargo and freight agents: $30,143/year and $54,804/year, respectively

20.  Statistical assistants: $30,921/year

Industry: Installation, maintenance and repair occupations

Total employment: 5,165,000

Best jobs:

21.  Computer, automated teller and office machine repairers: $41,614/year, $34,509/year and $36,077/year, respectively

22.  Electric motor, power tool and related repairers: $29,865/year

23.  Security and fire alarm systems installers: $35,648/year

24.  Telecommunications line installers and repairers: $45,458/year

25.  Locksmiths and safe repairers: $32,111/year

*Data reflects figures based on the second and third quarter employment numbers according to the Current Population Survey released by the BLS.

**Third quarter employment numbers.

***Salary figures according to

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