Holiday Savings Guide | Shopping Mindsets and Solutions | Style

Holiday Savings Guide | Shopping Mindsets and Solutions | Style

Published December 17, 2008

Posted Dec. 17, 2008 -- The holiday season brings with it those anticipated feelings of joy and excitement that come from just knowing that love and good vibes will be exchanged between you and your loved ones. 

However, there can be a down side as well.  Many of us experience pressure, anxiety and stress due to the expectations we place on ourselves and have placed on us by others as we try to find perfect girls for those we love and care about.

With the economy in a state of decline and the pressing need to both save and spend wisely, here are few suggestions on how to keep your mind right and your pockets steady while spreading the holiday cheer. 

Thinking Ahead
Make a list of all the people you would like to give gifts to and sit it next to the amount of money you have to spend.   Give yourself a minimum and maximum for each gift and choose places to shop that make those numbers for work you. 

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The Blitz:
Many people choose to just go right out and make their purchases without any plan whatsoever. While this might be ok when you have money to burn, in times like these the first thing you need to do is slow down. Though it can be hassle, particularly when it’s down to the wire, you need to think about the person you’re buying for, where you’re doing the buying and the length of your list. Just throwing things into you cart is absolutely the easiest way to go over-budget.

Shopping: Shopping for items in various stores and not necessarily keeping up with what you are buying, thereby causing you to buy surplus gifts and spending more money than needed.

Solution: Make a budget. Make a gift list. Be sure to follow both. Make note of the stores in which you have purchased items and be sure to write down the amount you are spending. It is acceptable to frequent stores when a sale is ongoing or if the prices are reasonable and within the budget. Coupons are a plus!

YIKES: Unleashing the “frantic shopper.” This includes going out of control because you are running out of time and want to get gifts. Additionally, you become crazed with the idea of purchasing gifts at the last minute, traveling to many malls, stores and even becoming an angry customer if the selection is minimal and not what you prefer.

Solution: Do not wait until the last minute! Preparation is a good way to prevent this mindset.  There must be time management, planned shopping trips, a planned amount of money to spend and a challenge to yourself to do all these things and get gifts for every loved one you can.

Redemption: Feeling the need to buy yourself something when you are supposed to be out shopping for others.

Solution: After you get gifts for loved ones, reward yourself by buying YOU something. Get yourself a special treat. For all the stress, planning, purchasing, wrapping, and delivering of generosity to your loved ones this holiday season, you deserve it!


Written by BET-Staff


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