Look Younger and Slimmer Now | Body and Soul

Look Younger and Slimmer Now | Body and Soul

Published February 5, 2009

Posted Dec. 19, 2008 -- (www.BlackDoctor.org) -- When it comes to beauty and looking your age, black women are very lucky. Because of darker skin pigmentation and the heightened amount of melanin in the skin of women of color, there is a minimum amount of flaws and imperfections that appear with the coming of age.

And even though we know that weight gain knows no race, women of color wear their weight differently; usually in the lower half of the body, and at times this too can increase with each birthday.
The truth is that a great nutrition plan, diet regiment and exercise will all help to ensure that you stay on Mother Nature’s good side.  In the meantime, a little extra help doesn’t hurt.

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1) Buy a good bra, not just a pretty one
Sometimes we get a little too taken with lace, sheer and embroidery and forget the best thing of all is the fit. Most overweight women wear bras that let their breasts fall too low, making them look older and heavier.  However, a good bra can make you look leaner and slimmer. If you are unsure, get fitted in the lingerie department of your favorite department store. You will see the difference next time in your favorite shirt

2) Make it a point to add color in your wardrobe
Because black women come in so many shades, why limit yourself to dark and neutral colors. Venture outside of the box. Try beautiful pastels and earth tones, and even some vibrant patterns. Try bright colors on your good features and dark colors on problem areas. Since black women come in all colors, so should the wardrobe. Color will make you look much younger.

3) Know yourself is knowing your size.
Another common mistake that plus-size women make is that they squeeze in the wrong size trying to look thinner. But, the unfortunate and blatant truth is that this only makes you look bigger and older. Women believe that if they risk going up a size than they have to eventually deal with that weight gain, which might be true. But who says that you have to look terrible while waiting to lose the weight. If you look your best at any weight, you might find yourself in a better frame of mind to take on a diet and exercise routine.

4) Boot camp on boot cuts
Please, please, please ladies; throw out tapered and ill-fitting jeans. As mentioned, black women tend to carry weight at the bottom making a lady looking larger and shorter. If you want to make your hips appear slimmer, try boot cut jeans.  These jeans flare out at the knee and give you the appearance of being slimmer and taller. 

5) Accessorize Your Wardrobe
Black women are naturally beautiful.  To enhance that beauty, try a host of attractive accessories.  Scarves, long dangling earrings, pins, handbags and shoes all help you look very attractive before and after you lose weight.  After all, it’s very hard to notice problem areas on your body when you are adorned with an array of eye-catching accessories.

Lastly, don’t try so hard to be noticed, just being yourself will get you plenty of attention. Black is beautiful no matter what!

By Kenyatta Washington, BDO Contributing Writer

BDO (www.BlackDoctor.org ) is the World’s largest and most comprehensive online health resource specifically targeted to African Americans.

Written by BET-Staff


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