Spring Clean Your Closet | Style

Spring Clean Your Closet | Style

Published April 6, 2009

Posted April 17, 2008 -- Have you made room for all the fabulous spring must haves you plan to charge? Probably not. Hold off on the shopping spree, get in your closet and decide what’s staying and what’s gotta go!

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Bye Bye
Why do we hold on to those snagged pants or that blouse with two missing buttons? It’s because we tell ourselves we’ll get it fixed and it’ll be like new. If it’s been a year and it still hasn’t made it to the cleaners, it’s just taking up space … Trash it. 

Next, the opaque tights that were so hot this winter can definitely be put away. Don’t say good bye just yet, they will be back on the style list when winter rolls around. For now, give those tights a well deserved break and just put them away.

Pass It On
As we grow and mature our style evolves. At least it should. If you’re still holding on to the mini skirt that made you popular in the ninth grade, it’s time to give it up. Don’t try to relive your hay days with old clothes that aren’t age appropriate. Ship them off to Goodwill so someone else can enjoy them.  

If your holding on to smaller clothes in hopes of getting back into them, here’s an idea. Pass them on to someone that can use them now and when you do drop down in size, you’ll have the perfect excuse to go shopping. It’s a win/win deal!

Still Fab
Some of the staple pieces from your winter wardrobe can still make a big impact for spring. Don’t tuck away those leggings; you’ll still get plenty of wear out of them. The cardigan that you wore to keep warm can still be used to make a strapless spring dress suitable for work. Ahhh, you gotta love spring! 

For most of us, our jeans are year-round. The skinnys are still in, wide legs have made a come back, low rise are still flattering and the high waist jean is still a fashionable option.

Once you’ve cleaned house, you’re sure to have a free drawer and a couple of empty hangers. Did someone say, “Spring shopping?”

Written by BET-Staff


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