Work Out Plan for Moms On the Go | Body and Soul

Work Out Plan for Moms On the Go | Body and Soul

Published April 20, 2009

( -- Work out? I barely have time to wash my hair! This is a common sentiment among professional African American mothers across the US.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could run your errands and exercise at the same time? Well, you can. If you are constantly on the go and you can’t get to the gym everyday, there are ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Now, the exercises I’m about to share with you should not be considered as a replacement to traditional exercise routines, but an alternative to a lifestyle where little to no physical exercise is being performed.

Use these tips to get in a little exercise while taking care of business:

1) While in the car. Try some isometric exercises: Squeeze your glutes, contract your abs and work your calves by raising your legs up on your toes at red lights. Park far away from your destination so you’ll have to walk; arrive early to your event if possible to allow time for a brisk walk.

2) While at practice. At programs, practices and games, walk around the facility before or after the event; look for chances to combine a class or activity with those of your children. For example, take aerobics while your daughter has basketball practice.

3) While Keeping House. Shop at big stores where there’ll be lots of walking; do meal prep and cleanup with a little music and dancing. Clean to music, and shun some of your labor saving devices (like remotes). When doing laundry, do squats to pick up unfolded laundry from the basket. When doing yard work, keep moving! Use your leg and glute muscles (instead of your back) to shovel, rake, move dirt, etc.

4) With your pet. Become your dog’s best friend—most dogs are always ready to boogie. (And let me tell you, when you walk a dog on a regular basis, boy can you feel the love!)   

5) For Play Dates. Keep in mind the old adage, “Children live what they learn.” If you don't want your kids to be couch potatoes, be a good example. Walk to the library for story hour; plan regular play times at the park or pool; when snow keeps you home, go play in it.

Remember it’s not always how much time you have, but how you spend the time you’ve got!


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