Springtime Jobs | Careers

Springtime Jobs | Careers

Published April 20, 2009

After many long months of snow, slush, sleet and sub-zero temperatures, spring is finally here. And all you can do is watch it from your window.
What you would give to be outside, enjoying the weather and all it has to offer. (Or maybe you would just give anything to be anywhere other than where you are right now...)

Whichever is the case, we got to thinking about jobs that would be great to have this spring season. Keep in mind, there was no scientific method -- or any real rhyme or reason for that matter -- that contributed to the making of this list, but we've got some pretty valid reasoning.  Here are 10 jobs that will keep you busy this spring and why:

1. Sports writer
Sure, sports take place year round, but for me, spring is when some of the most exciting sporting events go down. Exhibit A: March Madness. Exhibit B: MLB spring training and season openers. Exhibit C: NHL playoffs. Exhibit D: NBA playoffs and draft picks. Exhibit E: The Masters Golf Tournament. Sports writers can take their pick making predictions, following games or analyzing who is going to be the next Tiger Woods.

Education: College degree, preferably in communications, journalism or English

Annual salary*: $36,994

2. Florist
April showers bring May flowers, after all. Springtime means blooming flowers, weddings and generosity (aka, bouquets of roses "just because"). Florists will stay occupied during this busy season, while enjoying the budding blossoms that have been buried all winter.

Education: High school diploma

Annual salary: $33,859

3. Meteorologist
Spring might be the most inconsistent season for weather. It might snow for a week in April, for example, and be 80 degrees the next. The week after that it rains every day, there's multiple tornados and the next day it feels like fall. The constantly changing forecast seems like it would fascinate anyone who studies weather for a living.

Education: A bachelor's degree in meteorology or atmospheric science

Annual salary: $67,004

4. Landscaping worker
It's growing season! Snow is off the ground and grass, trees and flowers are ready to be planted and fertilized. Lawns need to be mowed and mulched, weeds pulled and trees trimmed, all of which add up to a lot of time outside, doing what landscapers do best.

Education: No minimum educational requirement, though most states require licensure or certification for workers who apply pesticides.

Annual salary: $23,980

5. Construction worker
What's better than being outside all day working on your latest project? It seems like constructing a house or building would be much more enjoyable in nice weather than in the freezing cold and snow.

Education: Most positions have no specific educational qualifications, but apprenticeships are encouraged and require a high school diploma or equivalent.

Annual salary: $31,781

6. Fashion buyer
Springtime is synonymous with fashion. Buyers get to shop through all of the new spring lines and buy clothes that have color, flowers and designs for our favorite retail shops -- a far cry from the black and grey turtlenecks and tweed we've been sporting all winter.

Education: Requirements vary depending on organization, but large stores and distributors prefer applicants who have completed a bachelor's degree program with a business emphasis.

Annual salary: $50,796

7. College admissions counselor
As high school students graduate, college admissions counselors keep themselves busy recruiting, evaluating and admitting students to their college or university.

Education: A bachelor's degree in any field usually is acceptable, and most eventually obtain advanced degrees in college student affairs, counseling or higher education administration.

Annual salary: $98,796

8. Pest control worker

Many rodents, insects and other pests hide out during the winter but as the weather starts to turn, all bets are off. Though it might not be the most glamorous job in the world, pests come out of the woodwork in the spring, so to speak, which ensures a more steady workload for pest control workers.

Education: High school diploma and certification

Annual salary: $28,056

9. Housekeeper
There's nothing like a little spring cleaning to kick off the new season. Households around the globe will be seeking housekeepers and cleaning services to help them get rid of the dust bunnies that have been hibernating in the corners all winter.

Education: No education requirements

Annual salary: $19,619


10. Vendor
Springtime means baseball season, which means hot dogs, cold beer, cotton candy and frozen lemonade. It would sure be nice to spend the day at my local baseball stadium, providing simple pleasures to the fans while watching my favorite team.

Education: On-the-job training

Annual salary: $19,876


*US national average salary figures based on data from CBsalary.com, powered by SalaryExpert.com


Written by Rachel Zupek, CareerBuilder.com writer


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