Live Green | A Greener You '09 | Style

Live Green | A Greener You '09 | Style

Published April 22, 2009

It’s really not that hard to go green or to at least add some eco-friendly habits to your lifestyle. Every little bit helps, which is why we all have to chip in and begin somewhere. Start with baby steps, to do your part and help protect the environment and it’s resources.

Here are 6 simple things that you can do to join the green movement.

Grocery Store Style
Purchase reusable grocery tote bags instead of using plastic grocery bags. Tons of companies, including the grocery stores, are selling these bags in a variety of styles. Just remember to bring them with you and the cashier will load ‘em up. Get your eco-fashion friendly tote before your next supermarket visit.

No More Bills
Instead of wasting paper and stamps simply opt to make electronic bill payments online. You can save even more trees if you have your payments set up to be automatically deducted each month. This way neither you nor the bill collector is using unnecessary paper. Who likes opening bills anyway?

Reuse it
Recycle. Recycle. Recycle. Put aside: cans, bottles, newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes and whatever else your local recycle company will pick up. They even provide free recycle containers to make separating your recyclables easier. It’s also a fun activity for kids to do that teaches them to be responsible for their planet.

Less Smog
With the rising price of gas more people are parking their cars. While they’re saving money, they are also reducing emissions that pollute the air. Use public transportation to get to work or ride a bike if it’s close by. Carpool to the club, it’s safer to travel in numbers anyway. You can even trade your gas guzzler in for a not-so-cute but efficient, hybrid. 

Save H20
Gallons of water go to waste when you run the water for 3 minutes while brushing your teeth. Shut it off! Does it really take 10 minutes for the shower water to get hot? Doubt it. Also try conserving water by only washing full loads of clothes and washing your car less often. Water is definitely a resource that is squandered. Make a change.

Cash Rules
If you still feel like you could do more to help, make a monetary donation to an organization whose goal is the help the environment. There are people that are passionate about preserving the planet that need money to further their cause. It takes “green” to educate the public on the benefits of going green.  

If you haven’t already, start doing your part to help save the earth.


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Written by Kenia Prophet


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