20 Gifts For $20 | Mother's Day 2009 | Style

20 Gifts For $20 | Mother's Day 2009 | Style

Published May 6, 2009

Don’t have any ideas about what to buy Mom yet? Worried how your tight budget will afford a mega-gift without having to spend a lot of money?


With Mother’s Day just around the corner and money being pretty funny just about everywhere, we’ve come up with 20 great Mother’s Day gifts that all cost under $20.


1. Spring Scarf. Let mom show off her fashionista side with a beautiful scarf. They’re lightweight, breezy and will make Mom always look pulled together. It’s a gift that can be worn all year long.

2. Potted Plant. Add great flavor to a meal and a beautiful accent to a kitchen with a potted plant. Most cooks and gardeners enjoy having fresh herbs at their fingertips. Look for a plant that grows basil, chives and oregano. Check your local flower shop or home improvement store.

3. Face or Hand Towels. They make great, but often overlooked gifts. Trust us; every woman in the world needs more towels. Especially for the Mom who loves to travel or open her home to overnight guests.

4. Fresh Flowers. Here’s a two-for-one gift idea. If Mom’s into gardening, why not pick up a yard-related gift? Wrap it up nicely and pair it with a few fresh flowers. She’ll love it and it won’t break the bank.

5. Fancy Frame. Moms love wonderful moments they will always remember, so grab an old special picture and bring back a happy memory. Get an old photo and try your hand at one of those do-it-yourself photo machines in Walmart or Rite-Aid. Enlarge it just enough to fit a nice, new frame.

6. Michelle Obama. Well, not the first lady, literally, but in a book. Finally, because there just hasn’t been enough coverage about Michelle Obama’s style, guess what? There’s a book hitting stores right before Mother’s Day to tell us all about it. Michelle Style features color photographs, exclusive illustrations, and descriptions of the first lady’s most iconic looks.

7. Gift Basket. The nice thing about gift baskets is that you can’t go wrong. Surely Mom will find something in the package that will make her smile. If not the wine, then the body lotion and candles will impress her. Or maybe even the sugarless gum.

8. Picture Collage. It is easy to find ways to celebrate Mother's Day when you live close by, but how can you celebrate the holiday when several thousand miles separate you? A picture collage of you and mom is the perfect gift.

9. Say Thank You. It’s a tearjerker. Fill a journal or book full of sweet messages and treasured Mom memories from you, sis and dad. Place it on her nightstand, and she’ll wake up to the most thoughtful gift of all time.

10. Bake a Cake. A homemade cake is loved by all Moms and is a great way to end a Mother’s Day meal. (wink, wink) Get out the cookbook!

11. Picture Wallet. What Mom doesn’t love the chance to show off her grandkids? Make it easy for her by giving her a picture wallet. Take pictures of all the little ones, download and print. They’ll look perfect and fit perfectly in a cute wallet.

12. Reusable Grocery Bag. Show your love for Mom and Mother Earth with a reusable, earth-friendly grocery bag. There are hundreds to choose from at your local stores, and one is a perfect match for your Mom.

13. Car Wash. For $20 bucks, you can take Mom's car to a professional carwash. But don’t stop there; why not have it thoroughly vacuumed and air-freshened on the inside, too? This is an affordable, effortless gift idea for Mom that will surely be appreciated.

14. Cool Journal. Journals are a popular and versatile gift idea for moms. They can be classy, cool or professional-looking for Mom to use for work, at home, or for fun.

Favorite DVD. If Mom's been too busy to keep up with her favorite TV series, a perfect gift idea would be to pick up the whole season on DVD. Or bring her favorite movie home for her to enjoy on her own time.

16. Purse With Purpose. Mom probably has a purse for every day of the week, but how about a gym bag? Or maybe a stylish new work purse that will fit her laptop.

17. Movie Night. Make Mother’s Day a night off from making dinner and treat her to a dinner and a movie. Let Dad take care of the meal, you can pay for the movie.  

18. Gift Card to Salon. The purpose of this gift idea is to encourage Mom to kick her feet up and relax. She can use the gift card and indulge herself with a pedicure.

19. Mixed CD. Looking for a musical gift idea for Mom? Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to let our Mom know how much we love her, so make it unforgettable with a personalized gift – a mixed CD of her fave tunes for her car.

20. Jewelry. Jewelry doesn't have to be an expensive gift idea for Mom. You can find a huge variety of elegant jewelry for great prices. 

OK, take your pick! Mother’s Day falls to the children to make her day as special as possible.



Written by <P>By Kadidja Hinds</P>


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