The Beauty of Makeup | Style

The Beauty of Makeup | Style

Published May 11, 2009

Some things just work while others don’t, especially when it comes to makeup. Avoid some simple makeup mistakes and learn some great makeup tips by knowing what (and what not!) to do.

What Works

1. If you have found just the right color makeup, then consider yourself lucky. Even if you have been so fortunate, be prepared to alter your makeup shade as your complexion changes with the seasons. Have two shades handy to alternate during the winter and summer months.  Mix if necessary to get the ideal shade.

Beauty Tip: Even with the endless foundation options on the market, it can still be difficult to find your perfect shade. Don’t be afraid to mix-up your own foundation to get just the right color for you. If your complexion seems to fit in between the mocha and the latte that your makeup brand offers, mix-up some mocha latte!

2. Definitely mix-up eye shadows for a beautiful, effortless appearance. Choose colors that compliment one another and will blend well. Start darker at the lashes and go light towards the brow.

Beauty Tip: Just smearing on color doesn’t work. The key to flawless eye shadow is to blend, blend and blend some more. Be especially careful when using shadows with heavy or bright pigments. Try mixing a 2-3 different complimentary shades of shadow in each application and use a shadow brush to blend them into perfection.

3. To get perfect voluminous lips, requires a little mixing. Simply apply your favorite color gloss to the entire lip then add a lighter gloss to the center of your lips. Gently pat your lips together to perfectly blend the two shades. This combo gives a phenomenal 3-D shine!

Using lip liner? Always match your lip liner to your complexion or to your lipstick. Liner should keep your lipstick from smudging beyond your lip line and should be virtually undetectable. In either case, matching your liner to your skin or to your lip color allows the liner to seamlessly blend.

Beauty Tip: Avoid using dark lip liners completely! Your liner should be the color of your lipstick or the color of your lips. Dark liner can make your lips look dirty. Remember, the purpose of lip liner is to define the lip area so that your gloss or lipstick doesn’t smudge beyond your lips. If you invest in a good flesh toned liner you can wear it with all your favorite lipstick shades.


What Doesn't Work

1. Never try to match your makeup with your outfit. The purpose of makeup is to highlight your best features, not your outfit. Choose makeup shades that compliment your skin tone and how you feel. For instance, if you’re wearing a sun dress and feeling feminine, wear softer makeup. If you’re wearing a red pumps and feeling wild, match that up with edgier makeup choices.

2. Usually in the world of beauty, anything that’s too “matchy-matchy” is risky.  However, it’s a good idea to match your nail polish with your toenail polish for a well put together look. It’s chic and it shows that you take time for you.

3. Over worked face – A well made up face won’t include a ton of makeup, heavy eye shadow, deep lips and face glitter… that’s just too much. An over worked face tends to look old. Keep your look fresh and young by picking one feature to focus on and accentuate it. Let the rest of the makeup compliment that focal point.

Don’t be a beauty felon. Remember makeup should enhance the positive and conceal the negative. Try avoiding these tragic mistakes and make it work!


Written by Kenia Prophet


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