A Guy's Guide To Making Your Prom One To Remember | Prom '09 | Style

A Guy's Guide To Making Your Prom One To Remember | Prom '09 | Style

Published May 15, 2009

Prom night can be the most fun night of your high school career, but only with the proper planning. Follow these tips to have the tightest prom ever.


1. Save Up

Get your money game up. With buying a ticket to the dance, getting a corsage, renting a tux, paying for dinner, chipping in for the limo, and all the other expenses you’ll need to pay, prom can get quite expensive. Just make sure you have enough to pay for it all before you dive right into the planning process.


2. Spend Wisely

Prom can work on a budget if you make wise decisions about how you spend your cash. You don’t need to take your date to the most expensive restaurant in town. Surf a restaurant review website to find a place with an intimate atmosphere, a menu priced in your budget, and food that both you and your date enjoy. If funds are tight, skimp on the limousine. You can party at the dance, not on your ride over there. Finally, talk to your date about what you will pay for and what she should pay for. Unless you’re ballin’, she may need to pay for her own ticket.


3. Plan Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your prom night. Are you and your date going alone or with a group? Where are you going to take pictures? How are you getting around? Where are you headed after the dance? You should know the answers to these questions at least two weeks in advance. Make sure all of your plans and reservations are set so your night runs smoothly and stress-free. Knowing these things in advance will also keep your parents off your back.


4. Look Fly

There is no way around it; a tuxedo is still the most popular prom fashion for guys. Though there aren’t too many choices when it comes to the style of the tux, you can still show your swag with accessories. Pick a cool shirt-vest-tie color combination and top off your outfit with some fresh shades. If you do steer away from the traditional tuxedo, however, just make sure you don’t look like you’re headed to a corporate office.


5. Have a Pre-Party

Team up with your friends to work out a pre-prom party. Have everyone gather at someone’s house to take pictures and munch on appetizers. Your parents can have their time to fawn over how great you all look and take as many photos as they want. The appetizers will also help settle your appetite so you save money by ordering less food at the restaurant.


6. Be Safe

Prom is all about having fun and making memories but the night can quickly turn into a disaster. Don’t drink and drive, and if you’re still with your date after prom make sure you wrap up. One crazy night isn’t worth a lifetime of consequences.




Written by Nelson Gillum


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