How to Be a Player at the Gym | Body and Soul

How to Be a Player at the Gym | Body and Soul

Published June 16, 2009

( -- For decades, men have seen the gym as an untouched bastion of macho posing, where their pecking order position is determined by their bench press weight. Over the past 10 years, things have changed dramatically as the gym has also become a common hangout for the opposite sex, making it a perfect place to meet women. In order to meet women at a gym, there is a method that has to go into your testosterone-filled madness first and, when followed, can produce real results.

Step One

Widen your chances for meeting women. Most women will be at the gym during three specific times during the day: before work, during lunch and directly after work. As a general rule of thumb, most women don't want to work out at the gym after dark, so you will be able to widen your chances for meeting women by going when they go. Intermittently tailoring your workouts to before work in the morning, during lunch or directly after work will give you the greatest advantage to seeing women at the gym.

Step Two

Join specific classes at the gym. Gyms tend to have a posting of special fitness classes you can take to get further in shape. Choosing a course at the gym wisely may yield some choice run-ins with the fit female population. If your gym offers cycling, spinning, step aerobics and dance aerobics classes, sign up for one that is in the aforementioned step's time frame immediately.

Step Three

Make a weekend trip. Midday weekend trips on Saturday and Sunday may turn up some surprising female turnouts. The average modern-day women works 9 to 5 and is off on the weekends just as men are, so going on the weekends is a smart decision as long as you allow for time to sleep in.

Step Four

Coordinate your workout apparel. Just because you are going to the gym to workout doesn't mean you should look like an uncoordinated slob. Match your outfits and make sure they are clean before you go to catch the ladies' eyes as you work out. Wear clothes that accentuate your best features as you work out to further step your outfit game up.

Step Five

Offer to spot her. Knowing a wealth of knowledge, such as the correct ways to do exercises using good form, can put you in a good position to open up a dialogue with women at the gym. Instead of standing there watching her sweat, offer some good tips for a better workout or give her a spot while she lifts. Soon, you may find that you are her full-time workout partner at the gym and other places.

Overall Tips & Warnings

Make sure you actually get a workout when you are at the gym; women will be watching to see if this is a serious and steady part of your life.

While showing off at the gym can help your chances with women, avoid embarrassment by not overdoing it by trying to lift too much weight. Not only will things like this turn off the lady watching, but you may also seriously heighten the risk of injury.


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