Top 20 Gift Ideas for Dad | Style

Top 20 Gift Ideas for Dad | Style

Published June 17, 2009

Smacked between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, Father’s day is one of those holidays that rolls right up on you.

Pressed for time, you pick something up, quick and convenient (read: thoughtful but tacky) for the dad in your life that usually makes it’s way from gift wrap to garage shelf to yard sale. 

This Father’s Day, do it right. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help guide your decision.

Don’t get the boxers. Get a boxed set.

Before you reach for those boxers with suggestive punch lines, basketballs or neon smileys, get him a nice boxed CD set (they’re as low as $9.99 at some music stores), an equivalent iTunes gift card or a greatest hits album in his favorite genre of music.

Don’t get a mug. Get a money clip.

Whether they’re for beer, coffee or pencils, a coffee mug is a Father’s Day no-no. Get him a nice money clip instead. They’re small, convenient and get lost all the time. Plus, they're perfect for engraving and having a back-up or switch-up around is always good.

Don’t get a tie. Get some tickets.

Ties are probably the most obvious, boring Father’s Day gift ever. And for the young dad, who doesn’t wear ties that much, it's frankly not practical. Go for a pair of tickets to his favorite hometown team – baseball, football or basketball. Even a nosebleed seat bought online at the last minute will beat the hell out of a silk yarn-dyed.

Don’t get the T-Shirt. Get a pack of white athletic socks.

“Greatest Dad in the World” is plastered across the T-shirt near the front counter of your neighborhood drug store. You might be strapped for cash, but instead go for a pack of nice thick, plain white athletic socks. It’s a feat keeping pairs of athletic socks in tact, so a new stash to lose in the laundry is always welcome.

Don’t get the cufflinks. Get a gift certificate for the price of them. 

Let him get his own cufflinks. Or polo shirt. Or car mats. You know the deal. Give the father in your life the freedom to get the gift he really, really wants with a gift card.

Hope this helps!


Written by Kadidja Hinds


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