Style Advice For the Vertically Challlenged | Style

Style Advice For the Vertically Challlenged | Style

Published July 8, 2009

( -- Why is it that the one thing you really dislike about your body is always the one thing you can’t do anything about? I have sort of accepted my short legs, or, rather, I have kinda accepted the fact that they are short and sparing a minor miracle, that’s not going to change. Standing somewhat proudly at five feet five inches I fall into the boring average-short category. To my surprise, however, people tend to think I am tall. Maybe it’s the heels, but I think it’s got more to do with attitude and unswerving conviction that I am a tall person trapped in a short persons body. I’ll eventually get over the dark despair in my heart over my inability to try out for America’s Next Top Model, but in the meantime…


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Written by Ali Jawin,


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